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Powered by the Sun

Suntrica Ltd from Finland is the leader in portable, flexible and high-efficiency solar charging solutions. Since 2006 we have been designing, contract manufacturing and marketing easy-to-use personal solar chargers for use with portable battery-powered devices. Chargers converting ambient solar energy into usable electrical energy can provide an unlimited source of power for personal electronic devices.

Ecological and sustainable values

Suntrica's products provide an ecological response to the mobile consumer electronics charging challenge in developing markets having limited access to electricity. We are committed to decreasing the world's carbon footprint and thus reducing the effects of global climate change. Our goal is to provide environmentally friendly solutions to improve the operating time of products that change our everyday lives.

High-quality R&D and innovative design

Suntrica's solar chargers are a combination of high quality Finnish research and development and innovative design work.

Our modern component technology together with continuous R&D work enables us to provide superior quality and innovative solutions for today's demanding consumer.

For us, the role of design in our solar chargers' development process has always been significant. Functionality, lightness, portability and easy of use combined with attractive and timeless design have been the leading threads throughout the product development. Suntrica's investments in the design work have been recognized with Design from Finland diploma granted by the Association for Finnish Work.

Suntrica is committed to make the solar powered future of mobile devices a reality!

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SolarStrap review, autumn 2012

A contingent of the Backcountry Skiing Canada team spent five weeks in Nepal this fall trying to get their ski legs ready before the snow fell. They spent 18 days in the Khumbu Region trekking and included a summit of 20,000' Loboche East peak as well as the usual climb up Gokyo Ri and Kala Pattar, the later for sunset views of Everest.

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Design From Finland -mark granted 2013Short-listed in the Cleantech category 2009
Among the 50 most proimising companies 2009Among top 50 Nordic Clean Tech companies 2009
Among Red Herring Top 100 companies 20092nd place - Green Mobile Hardware 2009
EMEA Finalist 2009