SolarStrap MOVE is a solar charger
and a power pack

designed for urban people on the go

MOVE provides ecological power for portable mobile devices
in a light and compact package
Attach MOVE
to your handbag, bicycle or motorbike
and let it gather solar energy
while you're out and about
Connect MOVE
to your device with your USB-cable
when it needs a boost!
to charge your mobile phones, tablets,
mp3 players, GPS, cameras and more!
Solar power monitor &
battery charge level indicator

help you to find the best sun charge position
and check the battery capacity level
with only a push of a button
Designed to travel with you
Smart and stylish gadget
for your urban adventures

Technical specifications:

Internal battery
Solar panel power (peak)
Rated output
Rated input
Operating temperature
Battery capacity indicator
Solar power indicator
3000mAh / 11Wh (Li-Po)
1W (polycrystalline)
5V, 1A, USB-A connector
5V, 1.5A, microUSB connector
170 x 150 x 30mm
Soft foam, epoxy-laminated solar panel,
splash & shock proof
Push-button (short push), displays
the battery capacity with 1-4 LED lights
Push-button (long push), displays
the solar power from panel with 1-4 LED lights

Available in three colours:
black, green and orange