SolarPlate™ SCOUT is a robust,
light and compact solar charger

It is designed especially for harsh outdoor conditions
and situations without access to reliable electricity
Attach SCOUT
on your back pack,
tent or bicycle

and let it harvest free and clean solar energy
for your instant or later use
User-friendly and functional design

Check the battery capacity level and turn SCOUT on/off
using just two simple switches
High-efficiency solar panel
charges the internal battery 50% in
only 2,5 hours and reaches full charge in one sunny day!
No need for extra adapters and cables

SCOUT is USB-compatible, simply use the USB charging cable
provided with your own mobile device
More than just
a solar charger

Three powerful LED-lights transform
SCOUT into a portable source of
light after sunset

Technical specifications:

Internal battery
Solar panel power (peak)
Rated output
Operating temperature
Battery capacity indicator
Other features:
1500mAh / 5.5 Wh (Li-Po)
1,3 W (polycrystalline)
5V, 1A
170 x 118 x 19 mm
185 g
Soft foam, epoxy-laminated solar
panel, splash & shock proof
Switch displays the battery
capacity with 0-3 LED lights
3 bright LED lights can also be
used as a light source

Available in green, orange and black