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Aimtom Solar Generators: An Interesting Overview

One of the many brands of solar generators is the Energizer. 

The team here at Suntrica has researched every manufacturer of solar generators that we can find and collected some info on each one to help you make an informed decision on your purchase. 

Here’s what we learned:

What Products Do They Make?

The external solar power station was constructed by Aimtom solar. It is a tiny, portable, and lightweight solar-powered external power supply. 

Aimtom generator

This product is perfect for those who are always on the go and need a reliable source of power. It is also great for emergency situations. The solar panel can be attached to any flat surface, making it easy to set up and use.

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Are Aimtom Products High Quality?

According to a review on Amazon, Aimtom is a somewhat hefty but quite adorable small device. The rubberized exterior is exceptional at cushioning stress from bumps, falls, and spills. 

It features nine distinct modes of operation, ranging from beeping to SOS flashing. In addition, there are separate buttons for pattern locking and activating the lighting.

What Is the Reputation of the Company?

Aimtom is a private firm that was established by Derek, M. SC. Aimtom’s mission is to offer a vast selection of solar solutions for personal and commercial use. 

Their items are sold on Amazon, Amazon’s website, as well as eBay and BestBuy.

Where Are They Based?

They are located at the State Council building in China. The firm has been in operation for many years, and the creation of solar-powered items has always been its core focus.

The company manufactures solar panels and solar cells, which are subsequently incorporated into a variety of products. They employ a team of engineers and scientists who are continually working to improve the performance of the company’s goods.

Where Are the Products Manufactured?

Additionally, their product is made in China. Additionally, the firm seeks to enhance its production procedure to make it more efficient and to enhance the quality of its products. 

Aimtom generator

In addition, they are searching for methods to enhance the quality of their products.

What Is Their Standard Warranty?

Products sold by Aimtom come with a guarantee that is valid for one year. You need to submit a sales receipt from the initial consumer purchase of your goods or any other acceptable paperwork proof in order to establish the date that the warranty period for your product will commence.

Do They Have Good Customer Support?

According to a Reddit review, their customer care agent was excellent and able to assist you with everything you need. They were really responsive and always willing to assist. 

They took care of everything and ensured that the client was delighted with the outcome.

How Can I Contact Them?

You may contact them by email at hello@aimtom.com or by telephone at 647-696-5868 if you have any questions.

Where Can I Buy Aimtom Products?

It offers its items on Amazon, its own website, as well as on eBay and BestBuy. Aimtom items are also available in some brick-and-mortar locations. However, the variety is typically restricted. 

The ideal place to find Aimtom items is online, where you may peruse the extensive assortment at your leisure and have a better understanding of what you desire. Additionally, you may browse user reviews to determine what others think of the product.


Aimtom Solar is a great company to work with. They provide a premium quality product at a reasonable price and are willing to work with you on your orders. 

Aimtom Solar Generator Models

ModelRebel 440 Power StationPowerPal X
Dimension9.05x 6.89x 6.89 in (23.0 x 17.5 x 17.5 cm)7.67 x 6.73 x 3.54 in (19.5 x 17.1 x 8.99 cm)
Weight10.3 lbs.3.48 lbs
Cost Per Battery Cycle$0.9$0.4
Charging Time with 50W Panel10-16 hrs.2.5-4 hrs.
Charging Time with 100W Panel5-8 hrs.2-4 hrs.
Charging Time with 200W Panel2.5-4 hrs.1-2 hrs.