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Anker Solar Generators: An Interesting Overview

One of the many brands of solar generators is Anker. The team here at Suntrica has researched every manufacturer of solar generators that we can find and collected some info on each one to help you make an informed decision on your purchase. 

Here’s what we learned:

What Products Do They Make?

The firm Anker focuses on power goods. In addition to chargers, AC power, power banks, power stations, cables, hubs, and ducks, they provide a vast array of alternatives. 

All of these alternatives serve distinct functions and are applicable in a number of contexts. If you’re searching for a reliable backup source of energy, the Anker solar generator is a fantastic alternative.

Are Anker Products High Quality?

According to a review on Reddit, Anker is a great option in terms of solar generators. It’s not too expensive and serves its purpose well.  Anker’s solar generators are some of the most popular on the market and for good reason. They’re well-made, reliable, and affordable. If you’re looking for a solar generator, Anker is a great option to consider.

Anker generator

What Is the Reputation of the Company?

Anker is a well-known brand of solar generators that can power your electronics and appliances. Since its founding in 2011 by Steven Yang, the firm has become one of the most well-known manufacturers of solar goods and accessories. 

Anker items are available online, through Amazon and other online retailers, as well as through local retailers like Walmart.

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Where Are They Based?

They are based in Changsha, Hunan, China.

Where Are the Products Manufactured?

The products of Anker are manufactured in Changsha, Hunan, China.

What Is Their Standard Warranty?

Anker provides a guarantee of up to 5 years, subject to exclusions and limitations. Additionally, they give a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the goods for any reason.

Do They Have Good Customer Support?

Anker is the brand to choose if you want a portable solar generator that can power your household gadgets. With a 4.6 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, this device has shown to be dependable and effective, and several customers have praised their great and friendly customer service.

Anker generator

How Can I Contact Them?

You may email them at support@anker.com for assistance. The response time excludes weekends and holidays and is 24 hours.

Where Can I Buy Anker Products?

Anker products are available at many retailers, both online and in-store. If you’re looking for a specific product, be sure to check the product page for more information on where to buy it. Anker products are also available at Walmart.


The Anker is an excellent method to boost power to your equipment without spending a fortune or adding weight. The Anker is the obvious choice if you need a portable charger for your electrical devices.

Anker Solar Generator Models

ModelAnker Solar Generator 767Anker 757 Solar Generator
Dimension20.67 x 9.84 x 15.55 in18.22″L x 9.34″W x 11.34″H
Weight87.3 lbs.43.9 lb
Cost Per Battery Cycle$1$0.7
Charging Time with 50W Panel22.8 hrs.9.6 hrs.
Charging Time with 100W Panel11.4 hrs.4.8 hrs.
Charging Time with 200W Panel5.7 hrs.2.4 hrs.