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Best Solar Christmas Lights

The best solar Christmas lights are used for decorations on the eve of Christmas. The solar-powered Christmas lights create splendor and automatically remind one of joy, festivities, and of course, Christmas time. You don’t need electricity to power these lights and this makes them an eco-friendly option.

Vmanoo Solar Christmas Lights is perfect for indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations. The LED solar lights utilize high-efficiency solar panels. The multi-color solar fairy string lights are used to decorate homes, gardens, Christmas, and wedding party. The Vmanoo Solar Christmas lights is our choice as the best overall solar powered Christmas lights available in the market. In terms of features it offers the best value for money.

Joomer Solar String Lights are waterproof solar holiday lights. The fairy string decorative lights are a good upgrade option. The solar-powered Christmas light provides a consistent long run and is easy to install. The solar panel can be set anywhere you want. Create a fantastic atmosphere this Christmas with these solar powered lights. 

Solarmks Solar Christmas Lights is a perfect decorative light that can be used to illuminate the indoors and outdoors. The solid performance of this Christmas light makes the Solarmks our value option choice. The multi-colored strings lights are a great idea for creating a charming, magical and warm atmosphere.

Dolucky Christmas String Lights is an economical alternative option for decorating the outdoors, garden, and weddings. Dolucky is perfect for someone on a budget. It is easy to install, and this makes it a popular choice.

When it comes to buying the best solar Christmas lights there are plenty of options available. This can be overwhelming for any person buying Christmas lights for the first time. We have spent many hours researching different sources of information. This has helped us come up with this useful buying guide.

Things to Consider When Buying Best Solar Christmas Lights

One of the important things you need to remember is that not all solar powered Christmas lights are created equal. There are several things that you need to consider if you want to buy the best Christmas lights.


Why do you want to put up the Christmas lights? Do you want these string lights to cover only the Christmas tree or the entire indoors and outdoors? It is important to consider the purpose of buying these lights, so that you can make a good choice.

Sunlight Requirements

How much sunlight does the battery needs to recharge? There are some solar batteries that require full sunlight whereas others recharge well even in partial sunlight.

It is best to make the choice depending on the type of weather prevalent in your city and state. If you live in a colder location, you will need batteries that recharge even in cloudy weather.

The weather conditions where you currently live should be taken into consideration before buying solar powered Christmas lights.

White or Colored

Christmas lights are available in different colors and styles. You can choose multi-color lights or warm white light depending on your choice. Most people choose to decorate different areas of their home in different colors to match the overall décor of the room.

Operating Time

The best solar Christmas lights are charged fully within 6 – 8 hours. After charging they are able to light up for 10 – 12 hours. Most Christmas lights have sensors that switch on the lights at dusk and switch off the lights at dawn.


The cost of the Christmas lights will vary depending on their unique features. You can make the choice based on your budget. Christmas lights with automatic sensors will cost more than those that need to be operated manually.

Type of Light Bulb

There are different types of light bulbs used in Christmas lights. LED light bulbs are efficient and offer the brightest light. These bulbs are also long lasting. You don’t have to replace them at regular intervals.


Will you be using the Christmas lights only during the holiday season or throughout the year? Make the choice of solar lights depending on its usage.

Benefits of Choosing Solar Christmas Lights

Benefits of Choosing Solar Christmas Lights

Energy Efficient 

Solar Christmas lights are not powered by electricity. The rechargeable solar powered batteries are long lasting and power the lights automatically at night.


The string Christmas lights can be used in any way you want. You can choose to wrap these lights on a tree, yard, patio, garden, lawn, indoor furniture or any other place of your choice. The string lights are long and you can use them to illuminate a large place.


The solar powered batteries are rechargeable and durable. With regular care and maintenance, they will be able to last long. All that you need to do is to clean the solar panels of dust and snow so that the batteries are charged efficiently.

No Installation Required

No installation is required for the Christmas lights to work efficiently. All that you need to do is to setup the solar panels so that they recharge. The lights automatically start illuminating at dusk.

Best Solar Christmas Lights Reviews

The solar LED Christmas lights uses high efficiency solar panels. Solar energy is converted into electrical energy. The energy is stored in a built-in battery. This let the lights lit up. The product includes two solar panels and 2x200 solar LED string warm white lights.

Vmanoo Solar Christmas Lights 72ft 22m 200 LED 8 Modes Solar Fairy String Lights for Outdoor, Gardens, Homes, Wedding, Christmas Party, Waterproof (Multi-Color)

The solar lights are used for wide decorative occasions. The lights are widely used to decorate shopping centers, commercial buildings, hotels, patio, garden, yard, restaurants, shows, holidays, bathroom, window, home, wedding, party, and Christmas.

  • The solar powered LED holiday lighting has 2 switches – power switch and mode switch. The power switch should be kept on all the time. This charges the lights during the day. The lights automatically come on at dusk. The charging time is 6 – 8 hours. The working time is 8 – 12 hours. The mode switch helps you switch between different modes.
  • This product has a unique 8-mode feature. This is great because it enables you to switch between different modes. The eight modes include steady-on, flash or twinkle, slow fade, flash or chasing, slo-glo, sequential, combination, and in waves.
  • The solar Christmas lights are water resistant. This makes them an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor decorations.
  • The solar panel can get damaged if exposed to water. Exposure to water is to be avoided if you want the lights to last long.
  • The warm white light is not very bright.

The LED outdoor Christmas lights are easy to install. All that you need to do is to set the solar panel where there is adequate sun. The 72 feet long fairy string lights are ideal for wrapping around a tree or any place you want to decorate.

Joomer Solar String Lights 72ft 200 LED 8 Modes Outdoor String Lights Waterproof Fairy Lights for Garden, Patio, Fence, Balcony, Outdoors (Multi-Color)

The high-efficiency solar panel has an adjustable design. This enables it to absorb sunlight energy in an efficient manner. The solar Christmas pathway lighting can be used to light up your yard, gate, porch, lawn, patio, garden, and backyard.

  • The built-in memory function is a unique feature of this product. The built-in memory chip saves the last mode setting. This means you don’t need to reset the mode each day.
  • The auto on/off built-in lighting sensor technology is another great feature that makes this product a popular choice. The solar outdoor Christmas lights switch on automatically at dusk. The lights automatically switch off at dawn. The solar powered Christmas décor will work automatically once you set it up.
  • The solar powered Christmas lights has eight different modes and two switches. You can select any mode you want depending on your specific needs and requirements.
  • The solar outdoor Christmas lighting is waterproof. The string lights are able to withstand all kinds of adverse weather conditions including heavy rain and snow.
  • If the solar panel is kept in a shaded area it will not recharge properly.
  • The solar panels are only designed to be protected from heavy rain. If they get immersed in water, they will not work in an efficient manner.

Solar Christmas Lights Solarmks 2 Pack Solar String Lights 72ft 200 LED 8 Modes Waterproof Solar Fairy String Lights for Outdoor, Gardens, Homes, Wedding, Christmas Party,Xmas Tree (Multi-Color)

The solar power Christmas decorations are perfect decorative string lights that illuminate during night. The multi-colored string lights are an ideal choice for decorating your yard, outdoor, gate, porch, lawn, patio, and garden. The 72 feet high-quality string is extra-long and is sufficient to decorate a large tree.

  • The solar power panel is placed in the middle of the string lights. This helps supply sufficient and steady power to both sides of the lights.
  • The upgraded solar panel is 38% larger than most solar panels. This leads to high-speed charging. The Christmas lights last for more than 8 hours at night after they are fully charged.
  • The product is waterproof and can withstand heavy snow and rain.
  • The lights need direct sunlight to charge properly. They don’t charge fully on a clouded day.

Dolucky Solar String Lights, 72ft 200LED 8Modes Solar Fairy Lights Outdoor, Waterproof Solar Christmas Lights for Garden, Patio, Fence, Balcony(Multicolor, 2 Pack)

The best solar Christmas lights work without an external power supply. The string lights are extra thick and durable. The solar strings are made of conductive copper core. The batteries get fully recharged in 8 hours of direct sunlight. This enables the solar Christmas decorations to work efficiently for 12 hours.

  • The product has eight working modes. These include steady on, flash or twinkle, slow fade, flash or chasing, slo-glo, sequential, waves, and combination. The string lights mode can be changed any time.
  • The Christmas string lights are waterproof. The IP65 waterproof level ensures that you can use the decorative lights even on a snowy or rainy day.
  • The Christmas lights don’t light up in a bright place.
  • The different modes are not automatic. They need to be changed manually.


The best solar Christmas lights are available in different sizes and shapes. This makes them easy to match the style of display and décor, you want to create. Solar powered Christmas lights are perfect for decorating the indoors and outdoors.

Vmanoo Solar Christmas Lights  is our top recommendation when it comes to solar Christmas lights. Joomer Christmas Lights are a good upgrade option. There is no need to replace the battery and this helps save energy and money. Solarmks Solar Christmas Lights is a good value option as it is easy to install and has a 12 months free guarantee. Dolucky Christmas String Lights provides good quality Christmas lights on a budget.