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Best Solar Garage Lights

Solar garage lights are eco-friendly and at the same time affordable. Even better, with these lights you do not have to worry about running cables throughout your garage as you would do with other electrical lights. Nevertheless, when it comes to shopping for garage solar lights, you will encounter a wide range of choices and this can be daunting if it is your first time buying these lights.

We have researched on the best outdoor garage lights so you don’t have to. This guide gives you a deep insight on solar lighting and helps make the best decision when shopping.

LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor, 3 Optional Modes Wireless Motion Sensor Light with 270° Wide Angle, IP65 Waterproof, Easy-to-Install Security Lights for Front Door, Yard, Garage, Deck

Top Recommendation

LITOM Original Outdoor Solar Lights

   This light has the following   advantages:

Upgrade Option

This light has the following benefits:
Licwshi 1100lm Solar Lights Outdoor 4500mAh Black Aluminum Alloy 120° Infrared Motion Sensor Waterproof IP65 Security Light Solar, 4 Mode, for Fence,Garage,Stairway,Gate,Porch,Patio-Warm White
InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor Wall Light Auto On/Off with 3 Modes Outdoor Waterproof Security Lights Night Light for Wall Fence Deck Yard Garage Driveway, Pack of 2

What are the Benefits of Solar Garage Lights?

The initial set up for exterior solar lights might seem very expensive. This is especially so if other parts of your run on conventional electrical power and you feel it would have been cheaper to extend the cords. However, solar lights have a horde of advantages including:


By using solar lights in your garage, you are using the most renewable source of energy – sunlight. By so doing, you will cut down on the carbon footprint significantly. While it may not seem like much, if we all adopted solar lighting we would slow down global warming.

Cost Effectiveness

When you are buying new model solar lights for your garage, you will spend more than you would with conventional lights. However, in the long run, solar lights are cheaper as you will never get electrical bills. After a few months, you will have covered the cost of buying the lights.

Little Maintenance

Once solar lights are set and the photovoltaic panel is exposed to capture maximum sunlight, you are good to go. All you need to do is ensure the panel and the lights are clean and exposed to maximum sunlight.

Choose from Various Styles

Exterior garage lights come in various shapes and sizes to not only serve a functional purpose but also for aesthetics. They are designed in different accents to meet your decorative needs.

Unlimited Source

The sun will always shine above us. Even in areas with minimal sunlight, strong PV panels are able to absorb light photons to charge the battery. Again, if you live in an area where storms are common, blackouts might be common too. Solar lights will illuminate your garage in cases of blackouts.

Which types of Solar Lights are good for Your Garage?

There are different types of solar lights you can install in your home. Solar shed lights and solar deck lights will fit perfectly in your garage.

These lights are designed with metallic housings, instead of the conventional plastic housing, to make them resistant to weather elements. Again, they are designed to automatically go when darkness kicks in and go offer at dawn. The lights have different power settings; notably full power and low power settings.

Features to Consider When Shopping for LED Outside Garage Lights

Lighting Features

When buying solar lights, the more the lighting functions, the more expensive the lights will be. For instance, a solar garage light with motion sensors designed to warn burglars from invading your home, will cost more than a simple atmospheric light. Again, if the lighting has more lighting settings, such as automatic on/off and dimming features, it will cost relatively more but will serve you better.

Lighting Effects

For your garage, you do not need the cozy and amble glow that most solar lights offer. These lights, and other colored lights, are meant to beautify your garden. For your garage, you need bright LED garage lights which are not only bright but long lasting. These lights are designed to offer security.

Besides, check the lighting hues. While most solar lights use LED which gives off a bright white light, incandescent bulbs might come with tinted covers to give off different shades. Because your garage needs security, only choose hues that will offer maximum illumination.


Most solar lights use LED bulbs which give off bright white lights. Garage solar lights brightness is measured in lumens. There are models that will produce as low as 15 lumens; these give off a soft and warm lighting. Others produce as high as 800 lumens; these are great in areas that need brighter security lights such as your garage.

Battery Type and Its Capacity

Most solar lights used Lithium Ion batteries but a few use NICAD and Lead Acid batteries. Li-Ion batteries are preferred because they can charge even on days when there is minimal sunlight. Li-Ion batteries have a long life cycle and they also have a high recharge and discharge rates. For these reasons, choose Li-Ion batteries. Again, consider the capacity of the battery you choose.

Intelligent Functions

Today, solar powered garage lighting units are designed to operate automatically. Some are designed with modern processors to adapt to the prevailing environment in your home. For instance, some lights are fitted with microprocessors that adjust the lights based on the weather patterns in your home environment. Other lights are designed to adjust to the light intensity to save energy and last longer. Models with these intelligent features will cost more but they are more functional.

Taking Care of Your LED Exterior Garage Lights

Your solar lights are powered by sunlight and as such, you need to clean wipe of dust and remove the snow that might fall on them. Because the panels do not do well during winter and during the rainy seasons, unplug them and store them away in a dark area.

Best Solar Garage Lights Reviews

Quick Take: OUR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR Solar Garage Lights
LITOM Original Outdoor Solar Lights

Made of long lasting ABS material.

Licwshi 1100-Lumen Solar Outdoor Light

High quality aluminum alloy housing.

InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights

Value Option
InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights
3 different lighting modes.

The LITOM Original Outdoor Solar Lights come packed with intelligent features to make them more functional while still falling within your budget. You can the unit as a one-pack if all you need is to illuminate a small garage, as a two pack or a four pack depending on the size of your garage.

LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor, 3 Optional Modes Wireless Motion Sensor Light with 270° Wide Angle, IP65 Waterproof, Easy-to-Install Security Lights for Front Door, Yard, Garage, Deck

The unit is rated 30,000+ hours lifespan to last longer and offer value for money.

  • The units are made of premium ABS and PP materials to not only make them long lasting but also withstand weather elements. It is also IP65 Waterproof to ensure that it works even in the rain.
  • The solar panels are fitted with high power LEDs with an energy management chip to last longer even with little charge.
  • One unit can illuminate up to 200 square feet of your garage which means a pack of four lights can illuminate up to 800 square feet.
  • The unit is fitted with modern motion detectors to warn burglars when they invade your home. When motion is detected, the lights
  • Each LITOM solar light has three working modes to meet different usage needs.
  • To install the lights, you do not need a lot of fixtures as you can just hang it on a wall on your garage. This also makes it easier to move to a lit place during the day.
  • In bad weather, the motion sensor is not as sensitive as it ought to be. Again, at 9 feet, the motion sensor is slow to detect.

Licwshi 1100-Lumen Solar Outdoor Light is a high-power and high function unit designed to add a bit of security to your garage. It comes with four different intelligent modes. The first mode combines microprocessor and induction mode to high light when someone comes close to the light and dim when someone leaves for 15 seconds. In the induction mode, the solar light high lights when someone comes and goes off when someone leaves for 15 seconds. It also have the always dim mode and the continuous high brightness mode to be used based on the security of your home.

Licwshi 1100lm Solar Lights Outdoor 4500mAh Black Aluminum Alloy 120° Infrared Motion Sensor Waterproof IP65 Security Light Solar, 4 Mode, for Fence,Garage,Stairway,Gate,Porch,Patio-Warm White

Besides these intelligent modes, the light is designed to turn on and off automatically at dusk and dawn respectively.

  • The lights are fitted with aluminum alloy housing to make them more durable and more exquisite. This housing also makes the light heat, water and dustproof to enhance the lifespan even further.
  • It sports a 4500mAh battery allowing it to store more solar energy and to allow more runtime.
  • It is fitted with motion sensors that can detect motion from as far as 33 ft and up to 120 degrees making them ideal for an area, such as your garage, which needs security.
  • The unit only needs to charge for 6 hours to last the whole night making it great for areas with minimal sunlight. The battery is also fitted with a charging protection device to keep the battery and the whole unit safe from explosion.
  • You can choose between white light and warm white lighting options.
  • ​ With all the great features, this is not among the cheap LED garage lights; it is offered at a premium price. Again, since it is designed to be screwed on a wall, it is not easy to move when your garage outdoor space is not well lit.

If you are looking for a garage solar light on a budget, this might be a good option for you. It sports a large solar panel allowing it to absorb maximum sunlight. It is also fitted with 62 bright LED lights to illuminate a wider area.

InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor Wall Light Auto On/Off with 3 Modes Outdoor Waterproof Security Lights Night Light for Wall Fence Deck Yard Garage Driveway, Pack of 2

Like the two units reviewed up there, this unit is also fitted with intelligent sensors. The sensor mode stays standby when no motion has been detected. When motion is detected, the light goes on, and 20 seconds later the light goes off. There is also a dim light mode where the light stays dim all night and when motion is detected, it turns bright for 20 seconds. Lastly, there is the medium light mode where the light goes on automatically at dusk.

  • This light has 62 densely distributed LED lights that offer up to 1000 lumens. This is bright enough to light your entire garage outdoor space.
  • It has a powerful motion sensor head that can detect motion up to 39 feet away at up to 120 degrees.
  • It has three optional lighting modes to meet your needs.
  • The lights are housed by a strong ABS material that enhances the lifespan of your light. The material makes the unit dust, water and heat proof.
  • These lights offer a longer working time especially with the sensor modes. Charging the battery for 8 hours will last the lights throughout the night.
  • The unit battery has a capacity of 2000mAh which is relatively low.


The LITOM Original Outdoor Solar Lights are the most recommended according to our research and our reviews. These lights are designed with different intelligent features such as motion sensors, they are bright and last all night, they are easy to install, and they are created to last long.

Even better, they are offered with all needed solar garage light fixtures all at a great price. When shopping, you will also realize that the unit has been designed compact and easy to move. If you garage is located in a place that is always under shade, you can move the panel to a place that has maximum light.

Your budget should determine the light you buy. However, note that a cheaper light may have less features or low quality parts.