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Best Solar Garden Lights

Using solar garden lights is an energy-efficient way to bring your garden space to life on lovely summer nights. Gardens are already eclectic places of plants and architecture, so the right lighting can either bring a garden together or make it feel hopelessly disconnected. Use the right solar garden lighting to bring your garden together at night.

The solar garden lamps by Gigalumi are a beautiful bronze and glass construction, making your garden look elegant in the daytime when they’re off and during the night when they’re shining bright. The warm white light perfectly plays with the greenery of your garden and the bronze metal on the light fixture. Waterproof and freeze-resistant construction. One-year replacement time means that they’re built to last, perfect for gardens with lots of activity!

These are the brightest solar garden lights on this list, standing over three feet tall and casting a warm yellow-orange glow. Lovely torch design brings tropical vibes to your garden space. You’ll pay for the quality though, about double for your solar garden lighting compared to the other lights on this list. They’re quality though, the 12-months warranty is a vote of confidence by the seller!

For a cheaper solar light that blends in to your garden during the day, Tonulax’s Lily Solar Flowers might be perfect. The bendable stem and wire frame construction allows you to pose your lily solar flowers and blend them seamlessly into your garden landscape. I love the fabric and colors on these, and the glow at night is almost magical!

If you’ve looked at the other options on the list and have found them too tame, then the solar bubble lights might be the perfect lights for you. A 2-foot tall beam of colored bubbles juts into the air above your garden landscape, lighting it up and showing it off. The pillars change colors over time, and I love the vibrant aesthetics. It might be a challenge to use these without making your yard look tacky, but if you can do it, it will bring a whole new flair to your garden.

How to Choose the Best Solar Garden Lights

You know your garden best. Consider aesthetics, size, and durability when selecting the right garden light. Walk around your garden and imagine each of the placements of the solar lights--and use objects of similar size to simulate the placement. We can often make the lights out to be bigger or taller than they are in our imaginations!


The first major consideration. Durability and price are irrelevant if you don’t like the way that the garden lights look, and you’re probably motivated by looks in your purchase more than anything. If you love the way one of these lights on this list looks, I’d ignore all the other specs. They’re all good lights.

Gigalumi’s bronze lights and Brebant’s torches are the classiest look, while the Tonulax’s lilies and CGN’s bubble towers have the most pizzaz. Gardens are often eclectic spaces. The tendency might be to purchase the classy or pizzaz oriented lights based on matching what you already have, but I’d recommend using the solar lights to set up a contrast. If your garden is already classy, score some lights with pizzazz to set a talking-point. If your garden is already fun, bring the whole scene together with the classy solar lights.

Durability and Warranty

All of these lights are waterproof. The Gigalumi’s have a metal and glass design which makes them more durable than the Brebant’s plastic. Tonulax lilies have glass as well, while the bubble lights are plastic.

Gigalumi, Brebant, and Tonulax all offer a one-year replacement warranty, while CGN’s bubbles, the lone solar light out, only offer 180 days.


Actually, all of these solar lights are similarly priced. A couple packages (the lillies and bubbles) come with only 2 lights each, and so are technically cheaper, around $20 a pop. The Gigalumi are around $50 for 6 lights. The Brebant torches are the most expensive.


Size is a factor in most solar light considerations, but especially in garden lights. Gardens usually cram a lot of plants and designs into smaller spaces, and you might buy a 1-foot tall solar light for the back planter that doesn’t even peek over the tomato plants in front of it. Check the sizing, and measure the location before selecting your lights. The Gigalumi lights on this list are lovely, but only a foot tall. If you’re placing lights in the back of the garden, they might not be right for you. The solar torches and bubble lights are both over 2-feet tall, ideal for the back. Use the Gigalumi and solar lilies for the front.

Best Solar Garden Lights Reviews

The beautiful bronze and glass Gigalumi solar lights are the classiest, most basic light on this list. These high power solar garden lights cast warm white light over paths, happy growing plants, and night time strolls. The glass pattern casts a lovely fragmented light which illuminates without harshly casting.

GIGALUMI 6 Pcs Solar Lights Outdoor, Bronze Finshed, Glass Lamp, Waterproof Led Solar Lights for Lawn, Patio, Yard, Garden, Pathway, Walkway and Driveway

The bronze finish makes them look great before sunset as well! Honestly, these are my favorite lights if you’re going to throw some backyard summer parties. They look lovely in the daytime and classy in the night.

  • Bronze and glass makes them extremely durable, with a waterproof and freeze-resistant design.
  • Nice warm light complimented by finished bronze and glass. Definitely the most fashionable daytime aesthetic on this list.
  • One-year replacement warranty.
  • Price is very reasonable for getting the full six lights. Comes out to less than $10 per light.
  • Anytime you buy glass solar lights, there’s a danger for kids and pets with broken glass.
  • Only a foot tall, and might get lost behind plants if you’re looking to put solar lights back in your garden. Works great on the edges though!
  • Late blooming lights. Whereas the others come on more quickly, these wait until it’s fully dark to switch on.
  • Not super bright, mainly an ambient glow.

Breban’ts LED solar garden lights are sturdy three foot torches with a warm, welcoming fire glow. If the great warranty, nice height, and beautiful realistic aesthetics are enough to overcome the price point for you, then these are the best solar lights on this list.

Aityvert Solar Lights, 43' Flickering Flames Torch Lights Outdoor Waterproof Landscape Decoration Lighting Dusk to Dawn Auto On/Off Security Flame Lights for Yard Garden Pathway Driveway 4-Pack

Great charge time means that they’ll always come on at night, especially during the summer. Only complaints are the weaker plastic construction, and the charge time during winter.

  • 12-months warranty
  • The best aesthetics on this list with a warm, yellow-orange glow.
  • 3-foot size puts them above low garden plants for full illumination.
  • They really do look like torches! When people see them from a distance who aren’t familiar with the product, they tend to think the torches are real.
  • In the summer they’ll charge enough to still be on in the morning when you wake up!
  • ​Price. You’ll pay around double for the solar torches.
  • ​In the winter, the charge time can be cut in half. May only light up for around 5 hours.
  • ​Plastic construction is a little disappointing. Not as strong as it could have been.

If you’re looking for a cheaper garden light to blend in and accent the space instead of illuminate it, the lily solar flowers are perfect. They blend in during the day and give a subtle glow at night. The lily design keeps your garden space feeling natural! I love the posable design. Comes with one purple and one red flower, and the lights inside slowly change colors.

Solar Lights Outdoor - New Upgraded Solar Garden Lights, Multi-Color Changing Lily Solar Flower Lights for Patio,Yard Decoration, Bigger Flower and Wider Solar Panel (2 Pack,Purple and Red)

Great refund policy, durable glass design, and weatherproof construction means that if durability is a concern, these flowers give you the peace of mind knowing your garden will be well lit for a while! Check out how they look here.

  • Realistic enough to blend into your garden during the day. Posable stems and petals help you position the flower light perfectly.
  • Cheaper than the other lights, only around $20 for a 2-pack.
  • 6-month refund and 12-month return policies.
  • Work great in rain and humidity!
  • With the glass construction and the tendency to blend in, I’ve found that shattering glass and sharp edges can be a concern. Place them out of the way!
  • The flower design isn’t ideal for putting them right next to a path or as stand-alone units, because they look somewhat tacky when you do this. If you buy these, blend them into the garden plants.

If you’ve got a yard that needs a little bit of pop, then these solar panel garden lights may be just the fix. I love the long tube of color and brightness. The changing colors is a nice touch too. The right solar powered garden lighting really depends on the garden, so I’d be careful when ordering these.

They might look really tacky if you don’t have the yard for it. Use them to accent an otherwise classy garden design--not to make a scattered garden design look classy. Still, if you’ve got a lovely garden with stone and greenery, then these lights might be perfect to nuance the style.

  • A flair and style you won’t find in many other lights.
  • Charge really well, even with a bit of shade or clouds.
  • The brightest solar light on this list with the huge, glowing tube!
  • Decent price for the 2 lights.
  • 2-foot beam of color has to be used well or it will look really tacky and gaudy in your garden.
  • While other lights on this list feature a one-year replacement policy, these only give you 180 days for a full-refund return.
  • While the light itself is 2-feet tall, the lit up part (the bubbles) are only about a foot.


My pick for solar garden lights are the Gigalumi. The bronze and glass construction is classy, and they will bring your garden together with a nice warm white ambience. The price is reasonable, less than $10 per light, and the warranty and durability scores are solid.

The only drawbacks are a less than perfect brightness and a small size. The Gigalumi aren’t the “illuminate my whole garden lights.” If you want illumination, the torches or bubble lights give you more brightness. But for class and durability, I’d recommend the Gigalumi garden lights.