Is the weather where you live typically hot and dry? You probably find your swimming pool constantly losing water, and your chemical costs are likely high, too. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution. Let us introduce you to some of the finest solar covers, and why you should invest in one.

Top Picks

  The Best Overall Option –

Sun2Solar 1600 Series (Blue)

The Upgrade Option –

Blue Wave NS445

The Value Option –

Blue Wave NS510

The Best Solar Cover for Your Pool

Dry weather combined with hot temperatures can lead to lots of water evaporation in your swimming pool. But there’s great news, as you can combat this pesky problem and enjoy warmer swimming conditions without all the water loss.

Not only that, but your chemical budget will be greatly reduced, as well. How is this possible? All you have to do is use one of the best solar pool covers from our guide below. But you want to be sure you invest in the right one for your needs. Let’s talk about a few factors to help you better decide.

How Thick Should a Solar Pool Cover Be?

A 14 Mil Solar Pool Cover

With dry conditions wreaking havoc on your swimming pool, it’s important that you choose the correct thickness to combat this problem. You’ll find many different thicknesses, ranging from 8 mils to 16 mils. Since your goal is to reduce evaporation as much as possible, you’re better off going with a thicker pool cover.

This will trap in the heat much better than thin, 8 mil solar pool covers. A 16 mil is also quite durable and long-lasting. With hot weather being the norm in Arizona, you want a solar cover that can stand up to the harsh conditions over the following years.

If you take proper care of your new solar cover, it can serve you well for many swimming seasons and beyond. You’ll likely notice a huge reduction in your chemical needs, as less evaporation means they will last longer. Your chemicals will be more effective, as well.

You also won’t find yourself having to add water to your swimming pool as much as you used to. This will effectively lower your water bill. The benefits of solar pool covers make them a worthy investment. Most pool owners notice the solar covers paying for themselves many times over.

Is a Blue or Clear Solar Pool Cover Better?

A Clear Solar Pool Cover Being Installed

In this situation, you want to reduce evaporation. For that, you need a blue cover. A clear one would heat your swimming pool faster, but it wouldn’t trap in heat and limit evaporation quite as well. While both colors work well in heating your pool, a blue one will yield you the best results.

If you’re not much concerned with water loss and only want to heat up your pool as quickly as possible, you should invest in a clear solar pool cover. You will still get the same benefits and functions as a blue cover, just on a limited scale by comparison..

Benefits of Solar Pool Covers

Benefits of a Solar Pool Cover

Aside from cutting your chemical and water costs down, your swimming pool will be warmer and more comfortable throughout the swimming season. They also serve to block harmful UV rays from entering your pool. This is important as it relates to the condition of your pool chemicals.

Things to Consider

It’s best to decide what your plans are for your potential solar pool cover before investing in one. If you’re going to be swimming often throughout the season, you might want to consider getting a clear solar cover. Your pool water will warm up faster, with less waiting than that of a blue cover.

Do Solar Pool Covers Really Work?

Without question. It’s been shown time and time again that solar pool covers raise pool temperatures by a significant factor. Depending on how long the solar cover has been on, its color, and thickness, you could see an improvement by as much as 15 degrees! That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Installing a Solar Pool Cover

When installed correctly, solar covers consistently retain heat and lessen evaporation in your pool. Solar heat stays trapped in your water, resulting in much more comfortable swimming conditions for your family and guests. You’ll certainly have one of the most inviting pools in your neighborhood.

Best Solar Pool Cover for Arizona Reviews

1. Best Overall Option – Sun2Solar 1600 Series (Blue)

It’s a little more pricey, but Sun2Solar’s 1600 Series Solar Pool Cover is one of the best around. Its 16 mil thickness ensures you’re getting a cover that excels at retaining heat and reducing evaporation in your pool. It may take a bit longer to heat up your swimming pool, but when it finally does, that heat stays trapped in.

Its durability is second to none; an important factor to consider when living in harsh weather conditions. The 16 mil thickness is harder to tear or puncture, giving you a solid investment that should serve you well for years.

You can look forward to as much as 95% less evaporation with this incredible solar pool cover. If you’re tired of constantly adding water to your pool and running up your water bill, you should give this cover some serious consideration.

  • 16 mil – With this thickness working to protect your swimming pool, you’re getting a quality solar cover that’s made to last. It’s heavier than the thinner models, too. This allows it to stay in place during high winds and heavy rain.
  • Heat retention – Perhaps the biggest draw to the 1600 Series Solar Pool Cover is its ability to store heat within your pool water. This results in your pool staying warmer a lot longer than other covers. It will effectively extend the swim season, as well.
  • Blue – As we’ve already mentioned, a blue cover works better than a clear one at locking in heat and reducing evaporation. You can count on this solar cover to get you through the season by keeping your water comfy. The sun’s damaging UV rays are also better fought off, allowing your chemicals to do their jobs.
  • Expensive – For all the great features that come from the 1600 Series Solar Cover, it does come at a price. It’s not the most expensive solar cover we reviewed, and it’s sure to give you your money’s worth.

2. Upgrade Option – Blue Wave NS445

We chose Blue Wave’s NS445 as our best overall option due to its balanced performance and quality. It comes at a reasonable price, too. Sporting a 12 mil thickness, you’re getting excellent protection that keeps your chemicals working and heat locked in.

This thickness goes a long way in reducing evaporation, which is a big deal in dry climates. By implementing this solar cover, you’ll soon notice a reduction in your pool maintenance costs. And saving money is always a welcome bonus.

The blue material used in this model plays a big part in its effectiveness. It is able to protect your swimming pool much faster than a clear cover. While it doesn’t heat up as fast as a clear solar cover, its thickness helps to balance things out.

  • 12 mil – This thickness helps with heat retention, keeping your pool comfy throughout the swimming season. Your pool will even retain its heat overnight, allowing you to enjoy it the following morning.
  • Blue color – Looking for optimal protection? Blue Wave’s blue cover blocks harmful UV rays from passing through, thereby protecting your chemicals better than a clear cover.
  • Warranty – Blue Wave includes a 6-year warranty with the NS445. With daily weather being hot and dry, it’s a nice bonus to know you’re protected in the event that your cover becomes defective.
  • Slower heating – While the blue material is a nice perk for its protective properties, it takes a bit longer to heat up your swimming pool.

3. Value Option – Blue Wave NS510

If you’re looking to save as much as you can, you should consider Blue Wave’s NS510. This is one of the better pool covers available for the price. It boasts a 14 mil thickness that goes a long way in retaining heat and limiting the effects of evaporation.

This cover is clear, so bear that in mind when shopping for the right cover for your needs. This cover heated up our pool the fastest in our tests, so if you’re more concerned about comfortable swimming conditions, this might be a good pick for your pool.

While it’s true that it can’t reduce evaporation as well as a blue solar pool cover, its thickness helps to balance this out to some degree.

  • Faster heating – Those looking to heat their pool faster will want to look into clear solar pool covers like the NS510. With less wait-time, you’ll be able to enjoy your pool more often throughout the swimming season.
  • Affordable – As the least expensive cover we reviewed, the NS510 is a solid investment. You’re getting all the benefits of the other covers, just on a limited scale.
  • 14 mil – This thickness helps to make up for the clear color’s limitations. And when you consider the low price, you’re getting a great deal. It’s also quite durable, which is a much-needed feature when dealing with hot and dry climates.
  • Lower heat retention – It’s important to note that your pool water won’t get the same high level of protection as you would get with blue solar pool covers. The 14 mil thickness lessens this to an extent, however.

Our Recommendation for Solar Pool Cover for Arizona

Sun2Solar's 1600 Series Solar Pool Cover

In the end, we had to go with Sun2Solar’s 1600 Series Solar Pool Cover. Sure, it’s a bit on the pricey side, but there are much more expensive pool covers out there. For everything that this cover does for you and your pool, it’s the best solar pool cover for the job.

We appreciate that it protects pool water from UV rays, ensuring that your chemicals aren’t wasted. It works wonders in reducing evaporation and keeps heat trapped in your pool. Solar covers like this make a most excellent investment.

Blue Wave’s NS445 and NS510 both performed wonderfully, as well. You can’t discount their effectiveness, as they do what they are designed to do, and are worthy of your consideration. Those looking to raise the temperature of their pool water will want to look into the NS510.

And pool owners who are tired of high water bills and costly chemicals will want to consider the NS445. It traps in heat well and cuts down on pesky evaporation.