What’s the Best Solar Pool Cover Color?

Choosing the right color when you invest in a solar pool cover can make all the difference, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

To clear up any confusion, we’re going to take a closer look at the role colors play in solar covers, and which one is best for your needs.

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Choosing the Best Solar Cover for Your Pool

By first deciding on what you want your solar pool cover to do, you’ll have a much easier time selecting the best brand and model. In the sections to follow, we’re going to explore what makes solar covers so highly sought after, and why you may want to invest in one for your pool.

What Thickness Solar Cover Is Best?

Well, it depends largely on what you want. If your goal is to simply heat your pool as quickly as possible, you’re better off investing in a thinner cover. This will allow for better heat penetration into your pool water. A solar blanket that’s between 8 and 12 mil should serve you nicely, although the thinner the cover is, the faster your pool will warm up.

If you’re trying to reduce your overall pool expenses, you should opt for a solar cover between 14 and 16 mil. Thicker solar blankets will have a greater effect in limiting evaporation and water usage, as well as your need for chemicals. The thicker the solar blanket is, the longer it will retain heat.

What Color Solar Pool Cover Heats the Best ?

For the best results in heating your swimming pool, you want to invest in a clear cover. For pools that are in shaded areas, clear is also the better option to ensure maximum heating potential. Clear solar pool covers are designed to allow for more sunlight to pass through and into the water.

You can also count on these covers to deliver the fastest heating. The downside to these solar covers is that they don’t keep heat retained quite as long as their blue counterparts.

What Is the Best Color for a Pool Cover?

For this, it’s best to factor in thickness, as well. By and large, a blue solar cover within the 10 and 12 mil range is going to deliver the most balanced results. The blue color will serve to retain heat and reduce evaporation, while the mid-sized thickness will allow for good sunlight penetration.

But again, if you simply want to warm up your pool as quickly as possible, clear is the best choice. Just remember that clear doesn’t preserve your pool chemicals as well as blue. Each color has a trade-off, so it’s best to determine what features and benefits you want the most before investing in any one cover.

Things to Consider

Never rely on just the thickness or just the color. It’s important to factor in both aspects when shopping for the right solar cover. The two combined will yield the best results for your needs. With this in mind, you want a solar blanket that is suitable for the location of your pool.

If your pool is surrounded by trees and bushes, you might want to consider getting a thicker cover to catch leaves, sticks, and other debris. For environments such as these, you want a durable solar cover that is able to withstand objects falling on it.

Does a Solar Pool Cover Really Work?

Quite well, as a matter of fact. Many pool owners rely on solar covers to help offset the expensive upkeep of their pools. A solar blanket is a great way to reduce water usage throughout the swimming season. You can also look forward to having a lower chemical bill, as solar covers help to limit evaporation, thus prolonging the life of your pool chemicals.

It’s important that you install your solar cover correctly. This will ensure that you get the best results and the most benefits from your cover. Make sure there are no gaps between the edges of the solar cover and your pool liner. This will keep heat retained, thereby extending your chemicals’ effectiveness.

You’ll also see improved heating when you properly keep your solar cover on. Pool temperatures stay at their peak when heat is best retained, so be sure to follow your cover’s installation instructions to the letter for optimal performance.

In the reviews directly below, we’ll look at some perfect examples of solar pool covers in action. These will give you an idea as to what you can expect from various styles.

Best Solar Pool Cover Color Reviews

1. Best Overall Option – Sun2Solar Blue 800 Series

First up is Sun2Solar’s Blue 800 Series Solar Pool Cover. This solar blanket has all the hallmarks of a worthy contender. We included this example due to its well-crafted design and solid effectiveness. Its blue color helps to reduce evaporation while blocking harmful UV rays.

This feature goes a long way in prolonging the life of your pool chemicals. It is also quite helpful in keeping heat trapped in your pool. Solar energy is harnessed much better when you’re dealing with a blue pool cover. Solar covers like this typically take a bit longer to warm up your pool water, but the 8 mil thickness helps to balance things out.

As always, the thinner the material, the faster the solar cover’s heating properties. Sun2Solar delivers a nicely performing solar cover that provides excellent heating and retentio

  • Less evaporation – Sun2Solar’s Blue 800 Series cover is designed to limit pool water evaporation by as much as 95%. That’s a huge advantage for any pool owner. With less water loss, you won’t have to add water nearly as often.
  • Excellent retention – The 800 Series cover shines in its ability to keep heat trapped in your pool. Thanks to its blue color, you can look forward to warmer water over a longer period of time. Your pool will even retain its heat overnight and on cloudy days.
  • 18′ x 40′ – With so much material to work with, you’ll be able to apply this cover to pools of all shapes and sizes. This makes it easy to fit the cover on both traditional and freeform pools.
  • A bit pricey – While it isn’t the most expensive solar pool cover we reviewed, the Blue 800 Series is still on the high side. That being said, you’re getting optimal protection and performance.

2. Upgrade Option – Crystal Blue 1632RS

Crystal Blue’s 1632RS is a fine example of how a solar cover can benefit you as a pool owner. We included it for a few reasons. For one, it is very well-made. Whereas most solar covers feature round bubbles as their method of trapping and transferring heat, the 1632RS uses unique diamonds.

Does this make a difference in heating and protection? We’re still undecided on that, but it sure looks nice. Plus, we think it helps to make this cover more durable in its application. We appreciate how strong it is, making this a great choice for pools that collect a lot of debris.

We like the excellent heat retention you get from this cover, as well. It does a fantastic job of providing you with warmer water, even after a cool night.

  • Attractive – We’ve gotten so used to seeing round bubbles that Crystal Blue’s solar cover impressed us with its stunning design. If you want to add some character to your pool, the 1632RS is the cover for you.
  • High retention – Whether it’s the blue color, the diamond bubbles, or both, we love the high heat retention that the 1632RS is capable of providing. You can expect to see nearly 15% greater heat retention in your pool, giving you warmer water a lot longer.
  • Durable – Crystal Blue opted for a unique aluminum material in the construction of this solar cover. The end result is a highly-durable and tough product. Couple that with its strong diamond pattern, and you’re sure to get plenty of use out of the 1632RS.
  • Pricey – As great as this cover is, it’s going to cost you a bit more than the other entries. Still, it’s a great example of what a blue solar pool cover can do for you and your pool.

3. Value Option – In The Swim Ultra Clear

In The Swim is the most affordable example we included. Plus, it’s the best clear solar cover for the price. With this model, you can expect to get much faster heating compared to the blue entries. While it’s true that it’s a bit darker than traditional clear covers, we found that it works really well in increasing water temperature.

In fact, you can look forward to seeing as much as a 10-degree improvement. That’s a huge difference, and it’s nice not to have to wait as long as you would with blue solar pool covers.

This solar blanket measures in at 16 mil, making it thick enough to balance out heat retention (remember, clear covers don’t retain heat as well as blue covers). Its high durability also makes it a fine option for protecting your pool from debris.

  • Fantastic warranty – In The Swim includes a generous 8-year warranty with the Ultra Clear. This should speak volumes as to the confidence This should speak volumes as to the confidence In The Swim has in their solar pool covers.
  • Affordable – If you’re trying to save as much money as you can on your pool accessories, you’ll appreciate In The Swim’s affordable pricing. And really, you’re getting a lot of features for a solar cover of lower cost.
  • Clear – You can always count on clear solar pool covers to warm up your water faster. Those looking to enjoy their swimming pool as much as possible throughout the season will want to invest in a cover like this.
  • Less heat retention – Clear pool covers simply don’t hold in heat as long as blue covers. Still, we appreciate the 16 mil thickness and the balance it provides. It does indeed make a difference in how long it retains heat.

Our Recommendation for Solar Pool Cover Color

When it comes down to which solar cover color provides the best results, we have to go with blue. The difference it makes in preserving pool chemicals and lowering out-of-pocket expenses related to pool maintenance can’t be overlooked.

Of the brands and models we reviewed, Sun2Solar once again walks away as the top pick with their Blue 800 Series Solar Pool Cover. For its price and solid performance, it’s hard to compete.

With that said, we did enjoy our time with the other entries. If you’re simply trying to get the fastest heating possible, you’ll love In The Swim’s Ultra Clear cover. And those who want the best in durability and visual appeal will likely want to choose Crystal Blue’s 1632RS.

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