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If you have a hard time with heavy, cumbersome solar pool covers, let us introduce you to some easy solutions. We’ve reviewed and ranked the best options for your needs. You’ll find these solar covers are a breeze to maintain. Even better, most don’t cost a fortune to invest in.

Top Picks

  The Best Overall Option –

Sun2Solar 800 Series (Blue)

The Upgrade Option –

Blue Wave NS130

The Value Option –

Blue Wave NS155

What Is the Best Solar Cover for Your Pool

This all depends on what you’re wanting to accomplish. There are a lot of factors that must be considered before you can reasonably determine which solar pool cover is right for you and your swimming pool. In the following sections, we will discuss these factors in greater detail.

We want you to end up with the best solar pool cover for your particular needs. Our goal is to help you do exactly that. After we have talked about all of the different aspects of a solar pool cover, we will share with you what we feel are the top picks.

Each solar pool cover that we reviewed excelled in its performance. These covers make great investments for swimming pools of all shapes and sizes. With a little research, you will soon know which solar cover will benefit you and your pool the most.

What Thickness Solar Cover Is Best?

Let’s face it, you don’t want a thick solar cover that is going to be difficult to manage. For your needs, the thinner the cover is, the easier time you’ll have with it. Solar pool covers typically range from anywhere between 8 mil and 16 mil in thickness.

For the best results, a 16 mil solar pool cover is going to be the best bet. This cover is more durable thanks to its thick material. And it traps in heat a lot longer, too. When you combine a thick solar pool cover with the right color, you can see a big decrease in your pool chemical spending.

A 16 Mil Solar Pool Cover

The downside to a solar pool cover this thick is that it can be troublesome to work with. You want a solar pool cover that’s easy to install. It’s also important that the solar cover is lightweight enough for you to control when needed. You want the solar cover to be easy to manage when it comes time to store it away.

For this, an 8 mil solar pool cover is right up your alley. They are light as a feather by comparison. And they are quite easy to manage. If ever you need to pull it out of the water and roll it up, an 8 mil pool cover will be a breeze to maneuver.

Even when an 8 mil solar pool cover is rolled up, it will be easy to carry around and put into storage until next year. If you’ve ever held a roll of bubble wrap, it’s essentially the same weight. These solar pool covers are your best solution for effectiveness and ease-of-use.

What Is the Best Color for a Solar Pool Cover?

It all comes down to your expectations. A blue solar pool cover, for example, is ideal for those who are trying to reduce chemical costs. The blue material works to fight off damaging UV rays from sunlight. When these rays are better reflected, your chemicals aren’t affected, thereby lasting longer. A blue solar cover excels at doing this.

You should soon start noticing that your need to buy pool chemicals is less and less. A solar pool cover is a great investment that often pays for itself many times over. Not only that, blue solar pool covers work to trap in heat longer. You can look forward to your pool keeping its heat throughout the night and into the next day.

Even cloudy days won’t affect your pool water’s temperature. When a cover is installed correctly, the heat in your swimming pool that has been collected by the solar cover will stay locked in. But this alone isn’t what makes a solar cover so great.

Additionally, a solar cover will lead to less evaporation in your swimming pool. Solar energy that has been harnessed by the cover will remain in the swimming pool, and evaporation will prevent further degradation of your chemicals. This is all thanks to the blue material used in these pool covers. But what about clear solar pool covers? Are they not worth a look, as well?

Is a Blue or Clear Solar Pool Cover Better?Selection of Solar Cover Colors

Quite the opposite. A clear solar cover is the perfect solution for those trying to heat up their swimming pool quickly. The clear material allows more sunlight to pass through the cover, effectively warming up your water in record time. There’s much less waiting with a clear cover than with that of a blue solar pool cover.

The drawback to a clear pool cover is that heat retention doesn’t last quite as long. Your pool temperature therefore won’t stay as warm on cloudy days or throughout the night. If this is important to you, it would be best to look into a blue solar cover.

This is why it’s a good idea to determine your needs and wants before investing in any one solar pool cover. Once you have decided on what’s best for your needs, you will have a much easier time choosing the right solar pool cover.

Benefits of Solar Pool Covers

As we’ve already discussed, solar pool covers are excellent solutions to offsetting some of the costs that go into maintaining a swimming pool. Solar heating is a great way to keep your pool comfortable, and solar pool covers do so efficiently and effectively.

You don’t have to worry about another utility bill increasing like you would with an electric heating solution. In fact, you should start noticing your water bill decreasing during the swimming season when implementing a solar cover. With less evaporation, you won’t have to add water to your pool as often.

Solar pool covers also help to keep debris and insects from getting into your swimming pool. There will be less upkeep needed thanks to solar pool covers’ protective and preventive properties.

Even better, your water temperature will be much more tolerable on days that aren’t so sunny or warm. You’re getting an affordable heating solution that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. They’re a breeze to work with, allowing you to enjoy your swimming pool without the extra work.

Things to Consider

As we mentioned a few moments ago, the thickness of a solar pool cover is likely going to be your main priority. You want something that isn’t going to be a hassle or burden. Even a thinner solar pool cover will provide the protective needs you are seeking.

A good secondary point to consider is the color of your potential new pool cover. If you plan on swimming a lot during the season, you might want to invest in a clear solar pool cover. This will allow you to swim more frequently without having to wait for your water temperature to increase.

Blue solar covers typically take longer to do this. However, they keep heat trapped in swimming pools a lot longer than what a clear solar cover can provide. There’s a trade-off, to be sure. Again, it’s important to weigh your options and think about what you want your new solar pool cover to do for you.

Are Solar Pool Covers Any Good?

Absolutely. Solar pool covers really do offer all of the benefits we listed above. You can look forward to lowering your water bill during the swimming season. You can also expect your chemical budget to be cut as a result of using a good solar pool cover.

That being said, it is vital that your pool cover is installed correctly. You want to ensure that there are no gaps visible between the new solar pool cover and your swimming pool. A tight fit ensures that heat can’t escape, leaving you with comfortable water temperature and that lasts.

This also helps to keep your pool chemicals from working as they were intended. If heat escapes, so will your chemicals due to evaporation. This is why it’s important that you take your time with the installation process. You want your solar heat to be used to your advantage. A good installation will ensure this.

Another thing to consider is the time and effort you will save from having a solar pool cover on your swimming pool. You will soon find that you don’t have to fish for debris and bugs as often as you once had to.

The pool cover will serve to collect these pesky foreign objects. Your swimming pool water temperature will not only be a lot more comfy, but it will be a lot cleaner, too.

Best Solar Pool Cover for Elderly Reviews

1. Best Overall Option – Sun2Solar 800 Series

Sun2Solar’s 800 Series Solar Pool Cover is the perfect solution for those who are looking for simplicity. This lightweight pool cover is a cinch to install thanks to its easy manageability. This thin cover also serves to heat up your swimming pool faster than that of a thicker solar pool cover.

It comes equipped with thousands of tiny bubbles that are responsible for heating up your swimming pool. Solar energy is collected in these bubbles. With the bubble side face-down in your pool, that heat is directly transferred into your swimming pool.

The 8 mil thickness allows you to easily maneuver the pool cover around your swimming pool as needed. We had no trouble with the installation process, as the 800 Series Pool Cover was a breeze to work with.

Its blue color does a fine job with heat retention, ensuring that your swimming pool stays warmer for a longer period of time. It also helps to reduce evaporation, so you won’t have to fill up your pool as often. When it comes to ease-of-use and effectiveness, Sun2Solar’s 800 Series Pool Cover is one of your best solar options.

  • 8 mil – This thickness ensures you are getting a pool cover that is easy to work with. It doesn’t have the cumbersome weight that you’d get with a 16 mil pool cover. You’ll be able to install it without issue, as it is very easy to trim and position where you need it.
  • Blue – This is what makes the 800 Series Solar Cover such a winner. The blue color works wonders for the heat retention in your swimming pool. Your pool stays warm overnight and on days that aren’t so sunny. It also helps to reduce your overall chemical costs by cutting down on evaporation in your swimming pool.
  • Less evaporation – You can look forward to your swimming pool maintaining its chemicals due to less evaporation. The 800 Series Pool Cover does a fine job of reducing your need to buy costly pool chemicals, thereby saving you even more money during the swimming season.
  • Thin – While the thinness of this pool cover certainly has its benefits, it can’t hold up as well as a thicker 16 mil solar pool cover. But with the right care, the 800 Series Pool Cover will prove to be a solid investment.

2. Upgrade Option – Blue Wave NS130

Blue Wave’s NS130 is another excellent investment that will pay for itself in no time. This 8 mil pool cover is designed with exceptional heat retention and fast warming of your swimming pool. Solar heat is harnessed using sunlight. It is then transferred directly into your water for more enjoyable swimming conditions.

Its ability to retain heat is most excellent, allowing you to jump right into a warm swimming pool, even after sitting all night. Swimming pools benefit greatly when implementing a solar cover like the NS130. You’re getting an improved pool temperature, while also protecting your chemicals.

The main downside to this wonderful cover is its price. Expect to pay a handsome sum of money if you want this pool cover. That being said, you’re getting one of the best solar pool heating solutions available. Your swimming pool will feel great all throughout the swim season.

You can look forward to raising your swimming pool water temperature by as much a s 15 degrees when installed properly. That is an incredible improvement that will allow you to effectively extend the swimming season. It’s a costly investment, sure. But when you consider all that this cover delivers, it’s one of the best you can buy.

  • 8 mil – This thickness is easy to work with and trim to the exact size you need. It is very lightweight, too. You’ll be able to do with it what you please without fear of injuring your back or straining your body. This goes a long way in adding to its user-friendliness.
  • Heat retention – Although the material is thin, the NS130 does a fantastic job of locking in valuable heat. Even cloudy days and the cool night air won’t affect your water temperature. Your swimming pool will be a joy to use all throughout the season.
  • Blue – Blue material makes all the difference here. It is what is responsible for the stellar heat retention provided by the NS130. Even more amazing is its ability to block harmful UV rays from the sun. As a result, your pool chemicals will last a lot longer. Even better, you won’t have to spend as much on chemicals.
  • Slower heating – While the blue material is a nice perk for its protective properties, it takes a bit longer to heat up your swimming pool.

3. Value Option – Blue Wave NS155

Costing considerably less than the previous two solar pool covers, the NS155 from Blue Wave is a great way to heat your swimming pool on the cheap. In staying with the same easy-to-use thickness of the other entries, this 8 mil pool cover is perfect for those looking for a lightweight solar pool cover.

This thin material is very easy to cut, allowing you to install it with relative ease. If your swimming pool is smaller than this 18 x 33-foot solar pool cover, you should have no trouble trimming it to the exact size your pool calls for. As one of the best solar solutions around, it’s incredibly easy to maintain.

It is important for swimming pools to have some kind of protection. The NS155 is an affordable way to keep out bugs and outside debris while warming up your pool. Solar heating is implemented quickly and effectively via this inexpensive pool solar option.

We’re quite fond of this cover, as it is very reasonably-priced. And yet it provides all of the same great features as the other two models. This solar cover is worthy of your time and consideration.

Another nice bonus is that it sports blue material. As you have likely now gathered, this means heat retention is going to be great. And evaporation will be kept to a minimum, so you can look forward to lowering your pool chemical costs. It’s an investment that should pay for itself many times over.

  • Inexpensive – This budget-friendly solar cover is an affordable way to heat up your swimming pool. Solar heating on the cheap is easy to do thanks to this cost-effective solar solution. If you’re trying to save money, the NS155 is your best option.
  • Blue – The blue color ensures that heat retention stays high while evaporation is kept to a minimum. You can look forward to a comfortable swimming pool all through the swimming season thanks to this effective solar cover. You’ll also benefit from its cost-saving properties, like lower water usage and less of a need for chemicals.
  • 8 mil – This thickness offers many advantages. It’s easy to work with, allowing you to install it hassle-free. And since it is lightweight, you won’t strain yourself when it comes time to roll it up and store it away for the winter. It’s a great buy and a worthwhile investment.
  • Oval – The main drawback to the NS155 is that it comes in an oval shape. Depending on the size of your pool, you may need to look at different pool covers. If your pool is within the 18 x 33-foot range, you should have no issues installing it on your pool. Solar heating is accomplished the same as the other entries, making this a great option if it fits your pool measurements.

Our Recommendation for Solar Pool Cover for Elderly

Close-up of Blue Wave's NS155

It’s important to invest in a hassle-free solar cover for your pool. Solar heating using these types of covers is an inexpensive way to get comfortable swimming conditions. When it came time to choose the best solar cover that’s the easiest to use, our pick went to Blue Wave’s NS155 Solar Pool Cover.

It comes at an incredible price and provides all the same great features as the other entries. Its 18 x 33-foot size is also a big plus. It leaves plenty of room to trim to the size you need to fit your pool. This cover is a breeze to install and maintain throughout the swimming season.

We are also quite fond of Blue Wave’s NS130 Solar Pool Cover. Its ability to retain heat is incredible, making it one of the best solar pool covers available. If it wasn’t so pricey, we likely would have chosen it as the best option to heat your pool. Solar heating should be affordable; that’s what makes the NS155 such a great buy.