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Best Solar Dock Lights

A great set of solar dock lights provide ambiance and safety lighting for your dock without wires, electricity, or clunky batteries. The ideal low voltage dock lights will be solar powered, waterproof to withstand the elements, and bright enough to light up your dock for night time security and visibility. Let’s take a look at some great options for solar dock lights:

The Siedinlar LED dock lights are durable, waterproof, and provide a 360 degrees ambient lighting. The whole disc lights up at night, with a six to eight hour charge powering it through twelve to fifteen hours of light. If you want to tow boats and run around without fear of breaking lights, these might be the ones for you--they’re built to withstand 5 tons of pressure!

The Aootek solar marine lights have a durable construction and wide beam for excellent dock visibility and safety lighting. The light is cast at a 120 degree angle, and is more of a light beam than a gentle glow. The lights can be set to traditional on-off (coming on when the sun sets), but can also dim and brighten when motion is detected or even turn on and off when motion is detected. If you need dock lighting that improves safety and security, the Aootek offer great boat dock solar lights.

Dollar for dollar, the Kasun Solar Deck Lights are the cheapest way to light up the most amount of dock space. These nautical solar lights should be placed well above the water, however, as the lowest price tag also means the least waterproof option. Sufficient for rain or moisture, but don’t let them get intentionally immersed. These lights are the least bright of all the options, but still provide enough light to set an ambiance in a dock space and outline the area. Rechargeable triple-A batteries can be replaced if they run out!

While there isn’t great submersible solar dock lighting on the market (there are a couple products, but they just aren’t good enough for me to recommend them to you), the best underwater dock lights are the waterproof Jackyled lights. These aren’t fully submersible, but they’re waterproof enough to withstand heavy rains and violent splashes without giving out. If you’re trying to strap lights next to the water or have a dock that gets a lot of splashing, these might be the perfect dock lights for you.

How to Choose Solar Dock Lights

The best solar dock lighting will have the right aesthetics, give your dock security, feature great lighting, be waterproof, and be durable. If solar dock lights have these five features they might be the right ones for your dock!


Find lights that fit your dock needs, and look gorgeous when the sun goes down, like the ones in this time lapse video here (source). No matter how good the durability and lighting, if the lights don’t look good on your dock, they aren’t worth the price point. Make sure you consider how slight variations in color of lighting will look on your dock and purchase lights that will make the place look nice. Cheap looking light fixtures and cheap looking lighting is worse than no lighting at all!

The Jackyled lights have four different color options, the basic white, and a blue, green, and yellow. If you already have solar lighting on your property then the color options can help distinguish your dock. The Kasun lights have a nice, dimmer white color. The Aootek is more a spotlight or security light than an ambient glow. The Siedinlar lights have a lovely 360-degree white glow.


Quality solar dock lights come at a quality cost. Jackyled and Siedinlar lights run about 10 dollars a pop. Kasun are about half that much, and Aootek can be 15 to 20 dollars per light. Obviously, the Aootek have the biggest lighting range and the Kasun give you the most lights for your dollar. If you need a lot of space covered, the cheaper lights will get you there quicker. But if you need a lot of light in a little space, the Aootek is very reasonable for all of its other perks.


Depending on the exposure of your dock and the proximity of your house, you might be looking for solar dock lights to add some security and visibility to your dock. If that’s the case, the Aootek are your best option, with motion-sensing tech and the brightest, widest angle. The Siedinlar also offer a great security option, with the reasonable price for a 360-degree shine.

Lighting and Light-modes

The best dock lighting depends on what you want to do with it. Aootek offers security and visibility, and is the only light on this list that has motion sensing technology. Jackyled’s color options give you the choice to branch out with some blue or green lights to distinguish your dock from the rest of the property.

Waterproof and Water-resistance

Dock lights will be exposed to water and may even duck under water at times, so waterproof and water-resistant construction will be key. While most solar lights, by virtue of their solar charge, aren’t meant to be submerged, you do have some options for lights that can withstand heavy rain and waves washing over the dock. All of the lights on this list are technically specified as waterproof, but some are better than others. The Aootek and Kasun are the least waterproof of the bunch, ready for rain but not so much waves. The Siedinlar can take heavy water, but the Jackyled are the best for water resistance. If you want to tag lights onto the posts of the dock, those are your best bet.


You don’t want to replace your lights. You want to set them up and walk away. Kasun and Siedinlar have replaceable rechargeable batteries, so the death of the battery power doesn’t mean you have to invest in new dock lights. Unfortunately, the Jackyled’s tight waterproof construction means you can’t easily get at the battery to replace it.

The Siedinlar have a 1-year warranty included with the product, making them the most durable and replaceable option.

Best Solar Powered Dock Lights Reviews

Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights Driveway Dock LED Light Solar Powered Outdoor Waterproof Road Markers for Step Sidewalk Stair Garden Ground Pathway Yard 4 Pack (White)

The Siedinlar dock lights give off a bright-white glow to mark the edges of the dock. With a great charge time and long-lasting light, you probably won’t have to worry about a dark dock, even on cloudy days. Where some lights have a directed shine, these give off a 360-degree glow. The toughness, 5-ton pressure cap, and drillable holes make these lights a durable choice!

  • Replaceable rechargeable batteries ensure that even when the basic battery life runs out, you can replace the charge of your dock lights without replacing the whole light!
  • Easy screw-down installation. All you have to do is mark a couple holes, and drill down to stabilize the lights.
  • Bright white light can be seen while on a boat out in the water.
  • Great waterproof construction ensures that water splashing up on the dock won’t ruin the light.
  • Lasts about seven hours in the winter time, when sunlight is low.
  • If you don’t want to screw them in, you can also tape them down!
  • Return period is only thirty days, if you have any problems with the lights.
  • Have a lower charge on cloudier days.

Aootek 182 Led Solar outdoor motion sensor lights upgraded Solar Panel to 15.3 in2 and 3 modes(Security/ Permanent On all night/ Smart brightness control )with IP65 Waterproof with Wide Angle(2pack)

For marine docking light that gives you options, the Aootek is the best. A high efficiency solar panel converts a great rate of sunlight to ensure that the lights always come on, and a 120 degree range provides an excellent field of visibility. A number of lighting modes, like traditional on-off and motion-sensing, provide you with the options you might need for security for your dock. These waterproof solar lights are more expensive than some of the other options, but are well worth the investment.

  • High-efficiency solar panel has a great sunlight conversion rate for bright lights even on cloudy days, and a long lasting charge.
  • Lighting modes allow you to set the lights to motion-sensing, saving battery and functioning as added security for your dock.
  • Wide illumination angle makes it great for security.
  • Waterproof construction allows you to put it on your dock without fearing it will break from the water.
  • Durable even in freezing conditions. They will last even in sub-zero temperatures.
  • More expensive than the other lights on this list.

Outdoor Fence Lights,12 Pack Solar Powered Deck Lights Waterproof Stairs Light Stainless Steel Security Wall Lamps for Step Walkway Patio Garden Pathway - Cool White

The Kasun dock post lights are the cheapest solar light per unit on this list. They’re waterproof, but they aren’t to be “intentionally” emerged into water. It’s waterproof but shouldn’t be dunked. These lights are the least durable and least waterproof of the bunch, fine for high up on the dock but shouldn’t be put close to the water. They’re also the dimest option on the list, giving off a nice ambient light but not illuminating the dock.

  • These dock piling lights fit easily onto 4” by 4” posts.
  • Cheapest option on this list, light up your dock without breaking the bank.
  • Bright white light cuts through the darkness.
  • Rechargeable batteries can be replaced if any of them stop working.
  • Can withstand heat without warping or melting, ideal for a summertime dock location.
  • Dimmest option on the list, but still bright enough to light a dock.
  • Least waterproof option. They can handle rain and moisture, but keep them away from the big waves and rising tides.

Solar Deck Lights 8-Pack JACKYLED Solar Dock Lights Bright Blue Path Road Long Service Time LED Light Weatherproof Wireless Outdoor Warning Step Lights for Driveway Garden Walkway Backyard Step

The closest lights you’ll get to submersible dock lights, the Jackyled Solar lights are 100% waterproof and can withstand fog, moisture, and heavy rain. The waterproof, durable construction can withstand vehicles and crashing waves. A single pack is enough to light a 40 foot dock with a nice outline. A two-year return policy ensures that you’ll get the right amount of light for your money!

  • The closest thing to submersible solar dock lights. 100% waterproof construction makes them ideal for deck lighting that will take some splashing.
  • Bright enought to illuminate a 40 foot dock.
  • LED lighting can be seen from around 500 yards away.
  • Excellent for freshwater environments, waterproofed and sealed wonderfully.
  • Lights have a two-directional shine, which can look a bit weird.
  • Saltwater can corrode the outside a little bit.
  • The tightly sealed battery compartment which makes it waterproof doesn’t allow you to replace the batteries. Once these lights go, they’re gone.


I love the Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights for their 360 degree lighting construction, durability, waterproof frame, and overall brightness. While the Aootek have a great 120 wide-angle light with a number of options, the design is a bit clunkier. The Siedinlar look great on the dock, with classy and professional lighting. They also have replaceable batteries and a 1 year warranty.