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Best Solar Powered Shed Lights

Solar shed lights are an ideal choice if you want to light up your shed. These lights utilize the power of the sun to illuminate the shed, garage, deck, and patio. No electrical wiring, no external source of power and no power bills. A good quality solar light will help you save energy costs each month.

This is an ideal lighting solution for your shed and outdoor landscape. The rechargeable shed light is available with 10 bright LED bulbs. The super bright LED lights provide many years of service. The Designers Edge solar shed lights are our choice as the best overall solar powered shed lights available in the market. In terms of features, it offers the best value for money.

It provides good light for a shed without electricity. The solar-powered shed lights are a good upgrade option. The shed lights are perfect for your home and garage. The solar panel can be set anywhere you want. Create a safe and secure place with these solar-powered lights.

This is an ideal choice to illuminate the indoors and outdoors. The solid performance of this shed light makes the Feifeier our value option choice. There is no need for any wires and there are no power bills.

This is an economical alternative option to light your shed. Nature Power is perfect for someone on a budget. It is easy to install, and this makes it a popular choice.

When it comes to buying the best solar shed lights there are plenty of options available. This can be overwhelming for any person buying tree lights for the first time. We have spent many hours researching different sources of information. This has helped us come up with this useful buying guide.

Things to Consider When Buying Best Solar Shed Lights

Safety and Durability of the Solar Lights

Safety is always a top priority when buying solar shed lights. Always check the track record and credibility of the manufacturer before buying solar lights for sheds.

If the LED lights get easily damaged it can be dangerous for everyone around. Always ensure that the lights that you choose are long-lasting and of good quality.

Type of Light Required

One of the important factors that you need to consider when making the choice of shed light is the type of light required in the shed. The type of light you will need will depend on the work you plan to do in the shed.

If you want light in the shed only to keep it well lit, you will require a medium type of light. If you plan to use the shed for any work, you will require bright light. When calculating how much light you will require, you will need to look at lumens.

The total amount of visible light that is produced is measured in lumens. When the number of lumens is higher, more light is produced. The recommended lumens of brightness for shed light is 150 – 300 lumens.

Type of Solar Panel 

Choose the type of solar panel that best suits the weather in your region. If your region gets many cloudy days, you should consider a larger photovoltaic panel. This will help you get the most of sunlight.

The panel can be wired to a battery storage system. This will power the solar lights. The size of the battery will depend on the number of lumens you will need for the shed lighting system.

Size of the Shed

The size of the shed is another important factor that you need to consider. If the shed is large, you will need a bigger light. For small areas, you can opt for solar light kits that are appropriate.

Hours of Charge and Operation 

The number of hours needed to completely recharge the batteries is to be taken into consideration when choosing shed lights. Some products require bright sunlight to recharge fully whereas others will be able to recharge even in cloudy weather conditions.

Most shed lights automatically switch on at dusk and switch off at dawn. The hours of operation will depend on the capacity of the batteries. The new generation of batteries are able to hold a charge longer.

Different Types of Shed Solar Lights 

The two basic types of shed solar lights are the separated solar panel and the integrated solar panel. Both these solar panels use the sun to produce energy but produce light differently.

Separated Solar Panel

Separate solar panels have two or more individual components. The waterproof panel that converts sun’s energy into electricity is connected by a detachable cable to a LED light fixture.

The light fixture houses the controller and rechargeable batteries. The fixture has an on/off switch and light sensor. Some may have a motion detector and a brightness switch.

The individual components make this an ideal system for illuminating a shed. The solar panel is mounted outside to maximize solar energy conversion. The LED fixture can be installed outside if all the components are waterproof.

Integrated Solar Panel

An integrated solar panel includes a controller, rechargeable batteries, LED array, and a panel. The solar panel is waterproof. An on and off switch, brightness switch, a motion detector with sensitivity adjustment, and a light sensor are some of the components that help control illumination.

Solar Motion Lights

Motion sensors detect any kind of movement. This is done by projecting an infrared light. When someone or something enters the scanned area, the sensor is tripped. This activates the light and it illuminates the area that is used. The sensors optimize the potential of LED Lights.

Best Solar Powered Shed Lights Reviews

The solar panel lighting for sheds gives you the convenience and flexibility to light any needed area in your home. The solar lighting for sheds gives the brightest, clearest illumination in an area to provide a secure and safe area to work in.

Designers Edge L-949 Rechargeable Solar Shed Lights with 10 Bright LED Bulbs and 16-Foot Extension Cord

The long-lasting solar light provides 100,000 hours of bright LED light. The LED bulbs provide many years of service without you having to replace the bulbs.

  • The L-149 LED shed lighting has two operation modes. 10 LEDs for full brightness and 5 LEDs for half brightness. The 10 LEDs work for two hours and 5 LEDs for 4 hours. This makes it an ideal choice for your garage, home or workplace.
  • The solar panel is available with a user-friendly 16-foot extension cord. The extension panel enables the solar panel to be placed where you get maximum sunlight.
  • Mount the solar lights on a pole or wall. The lights can be mounted 16 feet away from the solar panel with the help of the extension cord.
  • If you have a large shed, then 30 lumens will not be enough to illuminate the entire place.
  • The mounting base has limited flexibility.

Solar Lights,Kyson Solar Powered Led Shed Light with Remote Control and Pull Cord for Indoor Outdoor Use

The solar light for sheds works both indoors and outdoors. You can use these solar lights to light up your home and garden. The solar-powered LED light is ideal for lighting up the outdoor space for security. It can also be used as an accent light to illuminate the garage, trees or your home.

  • The solar light has four bright LED bulbs. The natural white glow is perfect for illuminating the patio, porch, and pathways.
  • The versatile design comes both with a pull string and remote control. They can be used to turn the light on and off. The on/off pull string is long-lasting and easy to use.
  • A full charge is achieved within 6 – 8 hours. The fully recharged battery provides 12 hours of continuous lighting.
  • The stainless-steel design and construction of the solar light makes it sturdy. The sleek design works well in different settings.
  • The extension cable is included with the solar light. You will also be able to get a 9.8 feet extension cable.
  • In spite of the bright illumination, the solar light kits for sheds are not the biggest in size. They are not an ideal choice for large sheds.

FEIFEIER Solar Light Blubs Portable 450LM Solar Shed Light , Solar Energy Lamp Lighting for Home Fishing Camping Emergency Tent Barn Chicken Coop (2Pcs 3W Led Bulbs)

The natural white colored solar shed light is ideal for illuminating the shed, garage, balcony, deck, porch, and pathways. The installation of this product is easy. All that you need to do is to keep the solar panel for shed light in an area where it will receive bright sunlight. The solar-powered lights work well both indoors and outdoors.

  • The solar light automatically turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn. The sturdy manual switch makes it easy to turn the power on and off.
  • The 2000 mAh lithium, 6 volts battery charges automatically when the solar panel is placed in bright sunlight. The shed light works up to 10 hours on a full recharge.
  • The rugged construction and design of the solar light enables it to work efficiently even in tough weather conditions.
  • The lengthy extension cable allows you to place the solar panel where there is maximum sunlight.
  • Only 2 LED bulbs are included, and they are not adequate to light up a large shed area.
  • The brightness level cannot be adjusted.

Nature Power 21030 Hanging Solar Powered LED Shed Light with Remote Control, Black Finish

The hanging solar powered LED shed light is an ideal source for illuminating the shed, garage, patio, porch, and pathways. The hanging light has an adjustable wire and chain. The solar light is easy and fast to install. No electrical access is required.

  • The key chain remote control enables you to turn on the light before you enter the shed or garage. The remote control can be used to set the brightness of the LED lights. You can select a high brightness setting for two hours and low brightness setting for eight hours.
  • The solar light requires no wiring. The solar panel should be placed in bright sunlight so that it gets recharged fully. The continuous runtime is eight hours when the battery is fully recharged.
  • The adjustable length of the chain and wire is 7 – 32 inches. This allows you to place the solar light on a high or low ceiling.
  • The solar panel should be kept in bright sunlight for it to be fully charged. The battery is not charged properly in cloudy weather conditions.


Buying solar shed lights are a smart choice for your shed and garage. These lights require less energy and enable you to save money. Solar shed light reviews will help you make an informed choice.

Designers Edge (L-949) Solar Shed Lights is our top recommendation when it comes to solar power shed lights. Kyson Solar Lights, Solar Powered Led Shed Light are a good upgrade option. FEIFEIER Solar Power LED Bulb Lamp is a good value option as they are 100% solar powered and don’t require any external power source. Nature Power (21030) Solar Powered LED Shed Light provides bright solar lighting for sheds on a budget.