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Clear vs. Blue Solar Pool Covers: Making The Right Choice

It’s that time of the year again. Summer! You’re ready to start lying out by the pool. But before you do, it’s important to know what type of solar cover your pool needs. The first question is whether or not you need a clear or blue cover.

Clear Solar Pool Covers

Clear covers are typically more expensive, but they reflect light better and can be used all day to keep your water warmer.

The micro air bubbles on this solar blanket almost double the normal number of bubbles on a standard pool cover, resulting in an increased ability to absorb and transfer solar energy.

When the sun goes down, the bubbles also act as insulation to prevent heat loss. Therefore, they are a better fit for regions with shorter periods of direct sunlight.

Since they are translucent, most of the light that touches them passes through, leaving them with little heat energy to absorb.

Benefits of Clear Covers for Your Pool

The top benefits of owning a clear solar blanket are:

  • The pool can be used more often since it doesn’t require as much of the sun’s rays. This means that you’ll save money on heating your pool!
  • The pool cover will help reduce evaporation which saves you even more money.
  • It won’t affect your water’s chemistry, which means that it won’t affect the balance of your other swimming pool chemicals.
  • It can raise and hold the water temperature of your inground or above ground pool.

With a clear solar cover protecting your pool from the sun’s rays, you can use it as much as needed to fit your busy schedule. With less time spent heating your pool, you can have more family fun!

Blue Solar Pool Covers

Blue covers are less expensive and work best during the early morning hours. The blue covers absorb heat from the sun during the day and release it at night when there is little natural sunlight.

Blue solar pool cover

This means that if you have a busy schedule, then a blue cover would be ideal for you because it’ll still retain warmth even if you don’t use it during the day. To optimize the sun’s heat transfer, the cover should be large enough to sit on the surface of the water.

Blue Solar Pool Cover Benefits

The top benefits of a blue solar pool cover are:

  • The pool can be used at any time because it is constantly heated, even on days without much sun. This means that you won’t have to heat your pool as much!
  • The cover accumulates heat from previous days. So, during your free time on the weekends, you’ll find that the pool is already warm enough for swimming!
  • The cover reduces evaporation. This means saving more money on your water bill!

With a blue solar cover, you can reduce time spent heating your pool and enjoy the water at your convenience. You can put off heating your pool until you know that you’ll be able to use it, whether that’s on the weekend or some days during the week. With a blue cover, you can save money and more time too.


When it comes to using solar pool covers, having a clear one or blue one is really just a matter of preference. If you have a busy schedule and want to be able to use your pool on your own time, then go ahead and invest in a blue cover.

If you want to save time heating your pool and making sure that it’s warm enough for swimming, then get a clear solar cover. It’ll be more expensive but it’ll reflect the sun’s rays better and can be used during any time of day which means you won’t have to worry about heating the water.