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Can You Do Your Own Dive Watch Battery Replacement?

In this article, you will learn all about dive watch battery replacement, what dive watches are, and how often they require battery replacement, so read until the end.

How Long Does a Dive Watch Battery Last?

If you know how to use a dive watch properly, most dive watch batteries can last around a year. So, you’ll start experiencing performance issues around that time.

Whether or not you experience a performance drop, it’s recommended you change your watch’s battery every 12 months or so. It doesn’t matter if your watch is still under the warranty period since a watch’s warranty period doesn’t cover your battery.

Can You Replace a Dive Watch Battery Yourself?

Dive watches have intricate and complex parts, so replacing the battery is understandably more expensive than ordinary watches. This is a good reason why someone would choose to try to replace the battery themselves, but remember that dive watch battery replacement requires expertise and experience.

Dive Watch Features

Dive watches come equipped with features not found in other watches because they’re used underwater. Some key features found in dive watches include:

Water Resistance

All dive watches are water-resistant, and they’re brilliant at it. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has made it clear that a diver’s watch must withstand a depth of at least 100 meters. This makes them suitable for professional deep-sea diving.


Depending on the weather conditions and what time of day it is, visibility levels underwater can be very low. Dive watch battery makers use bright minute markers to make it easy for the divers to keep track of the time.

Rotating Bezel

Dive watches’ rotating bezels are used to determine the amount of time spent underwater. The bezels usually rotate in only one direction: anti-clockwise so that they cannot be accidentally knocked in the other direction, understating the time.

In some models, the bezels are inserted inside the case to ensure it cannot be hampered in any way. Moreover, some bezels also show the diver’s depth.

Durable Strap

A diver watch has a different strap than regular watches. These are usually made of stainless steel or rubber, so it can withstand extreme underwater conditions like low temperatures, direct sunlight, changing pressure, over-exposure to water, or humidity.

Helium Escape Valve

This feature is very important for professionals who dive great depths. Swimming too deep into the ocean will trap helium within your watch. A helium escape valve allows for easy removal of helium and protects the watch from any pressure-related damages.

How To Choose a Dive Watch?

If you’re considering purchasing a dive watch, make sure you go through the following checklist before sealing the deal:

  • The watch must work at least 100 meters underwater. And if you’re a professional diver, consider increasing your investment and buy a dive watch that works for at least a few hundred more meters.
  • The dive watch’s strap can be of anything, but leather. Rubber, stainless steel, metal bracelets are all okay. Titanium is the best dive watch material, but it’ll cost you a little more.
  • Your dive watch must have a bezel – a depth gauge is a bonus!


The invention of dive computers has made the dive watch a fashion accessory rather than only a functional gadget. Still, dive watches remain popular thanks to their usefulness, attractiveness, and multifunctionality.

Dive watches are a great investment and need proper maintenance. We hope the article has given you the necessary information to get your dive watch battery replaced safely. Happy diving!


Are dive watches required in the age of dive computers?

Not necessarily! Dive computers are better at gauging underwater depth, but diving watches are an added security should the computer stop working under any circumstance.

Why do people invest in dive watches?

Divers of all kinds, including swimmers, buy diving watches. A dive watch is generally built to resist water at least 100 meters deep and works for snorkeling or swimming expeditions of prolonged periods. Dive watches have features like luminosity and industrial build that also attract buyers.

Can you wear a diving watch everyday?

Dive watches can certainly compliment just about any outfit, be it a suit or casual wear. That said, you’d have to be picky about the color and design combination since not every dive watch matches with every outfit.