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Energizer Solar Generators: An Interesting Overview

One of the many brands of solar generators is the Energizer. 

The team here at Suntrica has researched every manufacturer of solar generators that we can find and collected some info on each one to help you make an informed decision on your purchase. 

Here’s what we learned:

What Products Do They Make?

The Energizer is not just a solar generator. It also sells power banks, lifestyle products, portable power stations, and replacement batteries. 

The Energizer Portable Solar Generator is light, powerful, and reliable. It offers quick charging from solar energy, so users can charge their devices on the go (walking, hiking, hunting)—when they need it most.

Are Energizer Products High Quality?

Energizer, the biggest battery brand in the world, has been a household name for over a century. Moreover, they are also pushing into the solar generator market. 


The Energizer Solar Generator is ideal for anyone who requires reliable emergency power but does not want to deal with the inconvenience of transporting a generator. 

What Is the Reputation of the Company?

Energizer (ENR) is the industry leader in the production of home batteries, portable power supplies, and light sources. The company was established in 1980 and has its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. 

They have an estimated net revenue of over $3 billion and sell their items nationally via their website, Amazon, online shops, and local retailers.

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Where Are They Based?

Energizer is a family-owned, private company located in St. Louis, Missouri, serving the community since 1980.

Where Are the Products Manufactured?

Energizer is known as a manufacturer of batteries and flashlights based in Singapore and is now manufacturing solar generators. The company has been around for over 42 years now and has grown to become one of the most prominent players in the battery industry. 

What Is Their Standard Warranty?

At Energizer, they stand behind the quality of their products. That’s why they offer a 24-month warranty on their generators.

Do They Have Good Customer Support?

Reddit reviews indicate that Energizer’s customer service is amazing. The company’s support staff is well-known for going above and beyond in their dealings with consumers, reacting promptly and professionally even when presented with challenging situations.


How Can I Contact Them?

For any concerns regarding your product, you may call through their customer support at 26557800.

Where Can I Buy Ecoflow Products?

Energizer is one of the world’s leading battery producers. Their batteries have been a mainstay of the industry for decades, so you can be certain that they will withstand everything you throw at them. You may purchase their items from their website, Amazon, online retailers, and local retailers such as Wilcon, Home Depot, and others.


Remember that if you are searching for a portable solar generator, this is not it. The Energizer is an excellent choice, though, if you require a very big system to meet the majority of your energy demands.

Energizer Solar Generator Models

ModelEverest 100Everest 300Everest 500Everest 1000Everest 1800
Dimension3.5” x 3.5” x 8.3”10.1” x 8.2” x 5.6”10.2” x 6.77” x 6.73”13.38” x 9.25” x 8.11”13.4” x 9” x 10.8”
Cost Per Battery Cycle$0.3$0.3$0.9$0.5$2.6
Charging Time with 50W Panel3-4 hrs.6.4 hrs.8-10.5 hrs.16-21- hrs.32-40 hrs.
Charging Time with 100W Panel1-1.5 hrs.3.2 hrs.4-5.5 hrs.8-11 hrs.16-22 hrs.
Charging Time with 200W Panel1 hr.1.6 hrs.2-2.5 hrs.4-5 hrs.8-10 hrs.