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Best Solar Powered Wrist Watches

male hand with a watch

Are you interested in purchasing a new wrist watch? Timekeeping enthusiasts in this modern era have more choices to pick from than ever before. Watches today don’t just tell you the time, they often include additional features such as built-in chronographs, calendars, and time zone trackers. Of the numerous watch types out there, the ones … Read more

What Part of the United States is Best for Capturing Solar Energy?

soalr panels mounted on the ground

Thinking about going solar? That’s great, for you and for your energy bill! But what you might not realize is that your geographical location can actually affect the performance of your solar panels. Certain places in the United States capture more solar energy than others. Curious to learn more? This post will tell you everything … Read more

How To Get Solar Incentives And Rebates

Historic house with modern solar panels on roof

When it comes to incentives, it is important to consult a professional. You might ask, do I need a permit to install solar panels to get incentives? We recommend speaking with both your installer and personal accountant prior to making any decisions on purchasing and having a solar array installed in your home. Solar incentives … Read more

How To Choose a Solar Installer & What To Expect

solar installer

Once you have decided to go solar, the first challenge will be choosing the right installer. Because solar is a competitive but specialized field, you will find a great deal of conflicting information. But don’t worry, this often confuses even the savviest of homeowners. Turning to “neighborhood” websites or social media for recommendations only provide … Read more

How Net Metering Works

net metering

If you have looked into the solar industry for energy or panels for your home, you have probably come across a variety of terms like “net metering.” At first glance, this term may seem like technical jargon. However, net metering is a crucial component of your new solar array and it has many benefits. Net … Read more

How Massachusetts SRECs Work

How Massachusetts SRECs Work

If you are a homeowner and are considering having a solar energy system installed, you’ve probably seen the term “Solar Renewable Energy Credit” or “SREC”. Although not a widely known concept, if you choose to install a solar array, understanding SRECs is incredibly important. Does Your Home Qualify for Solar Tax Credits? Solar Renewable Energy … Read more

How Do Portable Solar Panels Work: Answered

solar panel mounted on the ground

These portable panels are green products that can convert direct sunlight into electricity. This power output source is a technological advancement on the more popular roof-mounted system. The typical portable solar panel is budget-friendly and efficiently produces watts of power that enable you to power electrical appliances with ease under ideal conditions. These portable systems … Read more

Magnifying Glass Solar Panel Facts: Does A Magnifying Glass Work On Solar Panels To Increase Efficiency?

solar panels

The whole purpose of solar panels is to provide free renewable energy. Depending on how many panels you have and how much power you consume, you could potentially eliminate your electric bill altogether. For most people, however, solar panels mean a lower electric bill. But what if there was a way for your solar panels … Read more

Do I Need A Permit to Install Solar Panels?

solar panels at the rooftop

In an effort to reduce your energy costs and save money each month, you’ve decided to install solar panels. A wise decision, considering that solar panels stand to save you anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000 over your lifetime. Furthermore, you will be doing your part to protect the environment. But before you go through with … Read more