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Nexpow Solar Generators: An Interesting Overview

One of the many brands of solar generators is Nexpow. The team here at Suntrica has researched every manufacturer of solar generators that we can find and collected some info on each one to help you make an informed decision on your purchase. 

Here’s what we learned:

What Products Do They Make?

Nexpow is an industry-leading producer of premium electronics and outdoor equipment. All portable power stations and jump starters are available in their catalog.

Nexpow is an innovative company that uses cutting-edge technology to make sustainable and environmentally friendly goods. Nexpow provides a solution for anyone who needs to keep their electronics charged while traveling, or whether for a camping vacation.

Nexpow has earned its reputation as a go-to consumer electronics brand by consistently delivering on promises of high quality, cutting-edge design, and complete customer happiness.

Are Nexpow Products High Quality?

Some customer reviews on Amazon attest that the nexpow solar generator is a sturdy and practical on-the-go power source. This solar generator is an excellent investment as a backup power source or while camping.

What Is the Reputation of the Company?

Nexpow has been around for quite some time. Its inventor had similar difficulties working for a roadside rescue company, fielding calls from people trapped due to dead car batteries in bad weather.

He began work on a portable jump starter during his spare time. The finished product is a convenient, lightweight, portable station, perfect for both camping excursions and power outages.

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Where Are They Based?

Nexpow is base in Hong Kong Trade Centre.

Where Are the Products Manufactured?

Since its inception, Nexpow has made every effort to keep all of its production within the United States. This helps the local economy grow and flourish while guaranteeing that the items sold in the United States are of the highest quality.

To provide the highest quality for its consumers, Nexpow exclusively ships inside the United States.

What Is Their Standard Warranty?

Starting from the first consumer purchaser’s purchase date, Nexpow provides a basic guarantee of 12+12 months on all purchases. You have 30 days to request a refund if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase.

Do They Have Good Customer Support?

You may easily reach and speak with Nexpow’s courteous staff when you need assistance. If you have any issues regarding your order, you may contact their team by email or live chat on their website.

nexpow solar generator

How Can I Contact Them?

You may email info@nexpow.com or utilize the website’s built-in chat feature if you have any queries or comments.

Where Can I Buy Nexpow Products?

Nexpow products may be purchased via their official website, Amazon, and retail outlets like Walmart.


Nexpow has the potential to revolutionize the renewable energy industry. Due to their portable size, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendliness, they are an excellent choice for anybody wishing to reduce their reliance on the utility company and have a backup power source ready in case of an outage.

Nexpow solar generators are indispensable whether you’re out in the wilderness, at a tailgate party, or just in case you lose electricity at home. They provide a renewable, sustainable, and emission-free power source that you may use at any time or place.

Nexpow Solar Generator Models

ModelNexpow 178WhNexpow 296WhNexpow N5-500WNexpow N3-300WNexpow 2000W/2400Wh
Dimension8.86 x 3.15 x 4.09 in6.96 x 4.84 x 6.46 in13 x 10.94 x 10.62‎9.69 x 4.84 x 6.46 in15 x 7 x 8 in
Cost Per Battery Cycle$0.05$0.08$0.001$0.7$1.8
Charging Time with 50W Panel2-4hrs.4-8hrs.5-9hrs.4-8hrs.28-44hrs.
Charging Time with 100W Panel2-3hrs.4hrs.5-6hrs.4hrs.14-22hrs.
Charging Time with 200W Panel1-3hrs.2-3hrs.2.5-3hrs.2-3hrs.7-11hrs.