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Every company today is required, either by law or stakeholders, to operate sustainably. Customers are no longer convinced to just click the order button because an item has attractive ads or looks nice. Instead, they dig back to understand the brand more effectively, especially the production process. When it comes to regulatory authorities and international […]

  Air conditioning is essential for a safe and comfortable home in certain climates. As a homeowner, you want to improve your living space and make it more welcoming and this is what a good air conditioner helps achieve. Besides regulating the indoor temperature, the AC unit helps maintain low humidity levels, prevent mold growth [...]

If you are a homeowner and are considering having a solar energy system installed, you’ve probably seen the term “Solar Renewable Energy Credit” or “SREC”.

If you have looked into solar energy or solar panels for your home, you have probably come across the term “net metering.” At first glance this term may seem like technical jargon, however, net metering is actually a crucial component of your new solar array and it has many benefits.

In the early 2000s, Massachusetts was one of the leading states in the initial solar energy revolution that began sweeping across the United States.

When it comes to incentives, it is important to consult a professional. We recommend speaking with both your installer and personal accountant prior to making any decisions on purchasing and having a solar array installed in your home.

Once you have decided to go solar, the first challenge will be choosing the right installer. Because solar is a competitive ….

The history of solar panels can be traced as far back as 1839 when Alexandra Edmond Becquerel placed a special compound of chemicals on a copper sheet and felt an electric charge.

Thinking about going solar? That’s great, for you and for your energy bill! But what you might…

You likely know about solar panels. These items absorb energy from the sun’s rays. Next, a conversion process begins that turns this absorbed energy into usable electricity.