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Never Run Out of Power Again: The Revolutionary Solar Generator with Replaceable Battery

There are solar generators with replaceable batteries. While it isn’t very common, you can easily find some good brands with the option for replaceable batteries. However, while it sounds good in theory, it may not be as useful as you think.

What Are Some Brands That Offer Replaceable Batteries?

Goal Zero Yeti is one of the most noticeable brands that offer replacement batteries for their solar generators. Their Yeti 400 and Yeti 1250 versions offer replaceable batteries. Unfortunately, both of these versions are lead-acid batteries and not lithium-ion.

The Inergy Flex 1500 also offers a replacement battery. Unlike the Yeti, this battery replacement is lithium-ion. The same is true of the Point Zero Energy Titan.

Can You Replace the Batteries for All Solar Generators?

While there aren’t yet many solar generators out there that allow for replacement batteries it is becoming a bigger thing. However, for the most part, don’t expect to be able to replace your solar generator’s battery unless you find one specifically that offers that option.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Power Station

Some batteries can be removed, but you can’t find exact replacements without just buying a whole other generator. Since mixing and matching brands doesn’t work well, it can be hard to find a replacement.

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Is It Worth Being Able To Replace Solar Generator Batteries?

For some people, being able to replace a battery could be useful, if they use their generator enough that the battery is what dies first. However, for most people, it is actually the inverter that dies first, as all the small mechanical parts like the fan tend to wear down faster than a battery or an MPPT charge controller would.

It also doesn’t always make sense to just replace a battery. When looking at solar systems and generators, especially those using a lithium-ion battery, the battery itself makes up a huge majority of the cost, often 80% to 90%.

Batteries also tend to last the average person about 7 to 10 years [and that is just until the battery starts to drop below the 80% efficiency range]. So by the time the battery needs to be replaced, much newer and better technology will be out, and often for a very similar cost to the original generator.

Being able to replace the battery is a good step in the right direction, but might not be useful for most. If you are trying to choose between two generators, one that can have a battery replaced and one that cannot, you may still want to go with the other option if it has more benefits.

However, if you are using your generator a lot, it can be useful, as you may go through your battery faster than the average person.

Additionally, if you are wanting to have more power, without having to bring multiple generators, you may find that just bringing an extra battery may be more useful and save more space and weight.

So while a solar generator with a replaceable battery may not be for everyone, it does help people that know they will be using a large amount of energy with their solar generator.