Best Solar Pool Cover for Dogs

If you’re a dog owner, you understand the need for a tough solar pool cover. But there are other factors besides durability that need to be considered when shopping for the right one. Today, we’re going to share with you the best solar covers for dog owners to choose from.

If you don’t yet own a solar cover, you’ll want to stick around to see who comes out on top.

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Buying the Best Solar Cover for Your Pool

As we’ve already mentioned, durability is key to a long-lasting solar cover. Your dog can easily puncture the material and damage your new investment.

For this reason, it’s important to consider the best thickness when looking for the best cover. We’ll talk about that in greater detail momentarily. But first, let’s discuss another aspect of solar covers that you want to bear in mind.

Pool covers that are fastened around the perimeter of your swimming pool can spell certain doom for your dog. If they are able to get in between the anchors, there’s a good chance they won’t be able to get back out. Pool covers disorient dogs once they are under them, and are likely to drown as a result.

So, how can this be combated? Well, fortunately, solar pool covers typically sit on top of your swimming pool. There’s often no need or requirement to strap them down in any way, making it much easier for your dog to escape if they fall in.

Furthermore, solar pool covers are very lightweight by design. Your dog has a much better chance of survival when dealing with a solar cover than they would with a traditional pool cover.

The key, therefore, is to find a balance between thickness and durability. Let’s explore this now to better determine which solar pool cover is right for you.

What Is the Best Thickness for a Solar Pool Cover?

The thinner a solar pool cover is, the lighter it will be. Conversely, the most durable solar pool covers also weigh the most. A pool cover that measures at an 8 mil thickness will weigh considerably less than a 16 mil-thick cover. Obviously, 16 mils is going to yield the most durability.

But you want as little weight as possible, while also maintaining a good amount of strength and durability. Choosing a 12 or 14 mil solar cover should be a safe investment that provides the best results.

These thicknesses deliver a good balance between weight and longevity. Now let’s look at another important factor you want to consider during your search for the right solar pool cover.

What Color Is Best for a Solar Pool Cover?

Colors play a bigger role in solar pool covers than you may realize. Which one you ultimately go with depends largely on your needs as a pool owner. Are you more concerned about comfortable swimming conditions? Or would you rather cut back on your chemical budget?

A clear solar cover will allow your swimming pool to heat up quickly, with much less wait time. However, you won’t get the same level of protection against damaging UV rays. They degrade pool chemicals rather quickly, so if you want the best protection possible, it’s best to invest in a blue cover.

Blue solar covers work to fight off harmful UV rays, thereby preserving your pool chemicals and their effectiveness. Many pool owners rely on solar covers to help them lower the cost of their pool’s maintenance, while also enjoying a warmer swimming pool throughout the swim season.

What Is the Best Pool Cover for Winter?

Once the season is over, it’s time to start thinking about protecting your pool from the harsh winter elements. Thankfully, these types of covers are thick and sturdy. Many dogs can run across them without fear of falling in. Manufacturer Blue Wave has an excellent pool safety cover that ties down around the perimeter of your pool, leaving no gaps for your beloved canine to accidentally fall into.

Any time there are dogs in the picture, you should consider investing in a safety cover. Doing so will give you peace of mind when your furry friend is sniffing around the swimming pool.

There are many options available when it comes to choosing a pool safety cover. Water Warden makes an affordable one for a rectangular pool that provides the same protection. Regardless of which brand you go with, remember to invest in one that anchors down at a good distance around the outside of your pool. This will reduce the risk of an accident.


Advantages of Solar Pool Covers

You’re going to get much warmer pool temperatures, less chemical degradation, and protection from outside debris and insects. A solar pool cover will effectively extend the swimming season, too, allowing you to enjoy your pool a lot longer than usual.

Important Things to Consider

Your new solar pool cover needs to be installed properly if you want it to deliver the best results. It needs to be trimmed to where every edge of the cover is flush with your pool liner. This means no gaps should be visible between the cover and the pool.

This will help to keep heat trapped, thus prolonging the warmth of your water. You will also have less evaporation, allowing your chemicals to work longer.

Solar Pool Cover for Dogs Reviews

1. Best Overall Option -Sun2Solar 1200 Series

Sun2Solar Blue 18-Foot-by-36-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover | 1200 Series | Heat Retaining Blanket for In-Ground and Above-Ground Rectangular Swimming Pools | Use Sun to Heat Pool | Bubble-Side Down

Sun2Solar consistently ranks highly due to their quality and performance. With the 1200 Series Solar Pool Cover, you’re getting a lightweight solution without sacrificing durability.

This is a big plus for dog owners. If they happen to decide jumping into your pool is a good idea, they’ll likely be able to get out easily enough. The 12 mil thickness will have a better chance of surviving, as well. As we touched upon earlier, you’re not getting the protection of a 16 mil pool cover, but it’s much lighter in weight.


  • Blue – Thanks to the blue color of the pool cover, you’re getting exceptional protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This plays a big role in prolonging the life of your pool’s chemicals.
  • Heat retention – Your pool will remain warmer for longer periods of time. The 1200 Series Solar Pool Cover will even keep the heat locked in overnight, ensuring your pool is ready the next day.
  • 12 mil – This thickness is great for a reasonably durable pool cover. And yet it’s also light as a feather, giving you peace of mind that it won’t get in your dog’s way.


  • Slower heating – The downside to the blue color is that it takes a bit longer to warm up your pool. Still, it’s a great safety pool cover investment that is worth the small caveat of waiting.

2. Upgrade Option – Blue Wave NS525

Blue Wave NS525 Rectangular 18 x 36-ft In-Ground Pools-Clear 14 mil Solar Blanket, FT FT

For only slightly more than Sun2Solar’s 1200 Series, you can get Blue Wave’s NS525 Solar Pool Cover. The big difference here is the thickness of the cover.

At 14 mil, the NS525 is even more durable, ensuring you’re investing in a solar pool cover that will last. It should stand up well to physical contact and activity. Even better, the weight difference is negligible. If your canine goes for a swim without your consent, the cover won’t trap them in.


  • 14 mil – This thickness is quite robust, giving you incredible durability and long-lasting quality. It also keeps heat trapped in rather well for a comfortable pool throughout the season.
  • Heat retention – You will really appreciate the effectiveness of the blue material and how well it traps in heat. This ensures that you will have a longer swimming season with more enjoyable temperatures.
  • Clear – The clear cover means your pool will heat up much faster than that of a blue one. It won’t lock in the heat quite as long, but it’s a good balance nonetheless.
  • Increased temperature – With the NS525, you can look forward to your pool rising in temperature by as much as 15 degrees.


  • Limited retention – The clear material is great for quick heating, but it can’t hold the heat as long as a blue cover. It can’t block sunlight’s UV rays as well, either.

3. Value Option – Intex Solar Cover

Intex Solar Cover for 15ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools

If you’re an above-ground pool owner, Intex’s Solar Cover is a good investment. Any dog owner knows that dogs can easily get in above-ground pools. That’s why it’s so important to protect them with a floating solar pool cover. If they happen to jump in, they should be able to swim to safety. Pool water is warmed fairly quickly, as well, making this a well-rounded solar cover.

Furthermore, this cover’s blue color helps trap in heat longer, giving you a more comfortable pool during the swimming season. Best of all, it is reasonably-priced. It’s a great way to ensure your dog’s safety without setting you back too much.


  • Heat retention – Intex’s Solar Cover does a fine job of retaining heat. Its blue color ensures your pool stays warm throughout the night and on cloudy days.
  • Affordable – This solar pool cover costs considerably less than the previous entries. And yet it delivers many of the same features for your dog’s safety. Pool covers like this are easy to work with, making it a solid investment at a great price.
  • No grommets – This cover simply floats on top of your water. There are no grommets to tie down, meaning your dog has a better chance of getting out of the pool if it jumps in.


  • Smaller size – The main drawback here is that the cover is meant for 15-foot, round swimming pools. This doesn’t leave much room to trim to size.

Our Recommendation for Solar Pool Cover for Dogs

Protecting your dog is of prime importance. When it came down to which solar cover did this the best, our pick went to Sun2Solar’s 1200 Series Solar Pool Cover. It features reliable durability that is also lightweight. It retains heat well, and its blue color helps to reduce evaporation

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