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Best Solar Powered Gate Opener Kit

Do you find it challenging to keep your gate closed?

When the electric lines are far from your gate and you need to close or open your gate automatically, a solar powered gate opener can help you. These gate openers are easy to operate; most of them come with a remote and you open or close the gate with the touch of a button.

It is challenging to pick a good solar powered gate opener especially if you are using solar products for the first time. This guide will help make the right decision when shopping for solar powered openers.

Ghost Controls offer their solar powered openers will all installation hardware but the battery. The kits are reasonably priced and operate efficiently at all times. The TDS2XP sports a simple but efficient design with great safety and security features.

Sentry 300 is a premium solar powered gate opener designed to install on different types of gates. Its Plug-N-Go harness makes it cheap to install. Besides it also has a horde of security features such as fast closing and opening and safety features such as obstruction detection.

MM360 is a kit for those who are on budget. The kit has all necessary installation hardware making it easy to install and easy to run. It also sports a sturdy construction to last long.

How to Choose a Solar Powered Automatic Gate Opener

Automatic gate openers make it easy for you to open or close your gate from far. When these openers are powered by solar, they require little maintenance as they are self-sufficient. You can choose between three of these gate openers:

Sliding Gate Opener Kits

These sliding gate openers are installed parallel to your perimeter fence wall allowing the gate to slide in and out. One advantage of these gates is that they take minimal space and only a single gate is needed. Sliding gate opener kits are fitted with a 120V motor. They are able to provide continuous operation and they have a great torque too.

A good sliding gate opener should operate a gate of up to 1400 pounds. To make them more efficient in their operation, these gates feature a soft start and stop function. To protect the user, these gates openers are designed to stop whenever they encounter an obstruction.

Swing Gate Opener Kits

These kits are ideal for single swing gates. They are usually fitted with an underground sensor to detect when a car is approaching and opens automatically. When the vehicle enters your premises, the gate closes automatically. Swing gate opener kits come with a lever arm and a master unit. Besides, they have a solar panel, a cable and a mounting unit.

For easy operation, the kit comes with channel radio transmitters, a receiver and an antennae to operate your gate from a distance.

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Considerations When Buying Solar Powered Gate Opener Kits

Dual Swing Gate Opener Kits

Unlike the single swing gate openers, dual swing gate openers are designed to open or close two swing gates towards your street. They sport underground sensors that detect the proximity of vehicles approaching the gate. Double swing gates feature an auto-close operation that enhances the security of your home. Even better, the most solar powered gate opener kits come with an emergency auto-release key that allows you to open the gate in case of power failure.

Considerations When Buying Solar Powered Gate Opener Kits

Once you have made your mind to install solar gate openers and you have chosen the type of gate openers that you need, there are a couple more things to consider. Note that, solar gate openers are easy to customize to meet your needs. As such, you need to consider your needs and gate requirements to choose the solar powered gate opener that meets your needs succinctly.

Pick a Quality Controller

When your solar opener is fitted with a high efficiency control board, it becomes easier for you to optimize to meet your solar panel’s output. The control board of your automatic gate opener also affects the efficiency of other components such as low-power loop detectors and the digital keypads.

Pick the best deep cycle solar batteries

A good deep cycle battery will keep your solar powered automatic gate opener operating at all times. In most cases, the opener kit will be sold with a lithium ion battery, which is a great option for solar operated devices. In case a Li-Ion battery is not available, you can pick either AGM, RV or Marine batteries. Keep in mind that your first choice should be a Li-Ion battery as it will last long.

Energy Management

A good solar powered opener should conserve energy for it to last long. Energy management information should be given on the product description. Ensure that the gate opener can deliver the power when you need it to and when not in use, it should be able to minimize energy consumption to last longer.

Quick Close Features

A quick close feature allows you to close the gate quick to enhance the security of your home or office premises. With this feature, the gate closes immediately your vehicle has entered the promises making it a challenge for burglars to find their way in a few minutes later.

Power of the solar panel

If you have a powerful motor and a less powerful solar panel, the gate opener might not function optimally. A good solar panel should match the requirements of the motor. The advantage is that most of the solar panels are designed to meet the exact requirements of the door opener. When a solar panel is not provided as part of the door opener kit, the manufacturer gives you panel recommendations.

Ensure the kit has all the needed accessories

A good solar powered gate opener kit should have all the necessary accessories and should be ready to install and use. When you buy a complete package, you are sure that the manufacturer has designed all the parts to work efficiently together. This reduces the inconvenience of buying separately.

If a solar panel meets the above technical considerations, you can now go ahead and consider other factors such as:

Generally, a good solar powered gate opener should meet all your automatic gate opening and closing needs.

Best Solar Powered Gate Opener Kit Reviews

Quick Take: OUR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR Solar Powered Gate Opener Kit

Top Recommendation

Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy Duty Dual Automatic Gate Opener

Offered with all needed accessories for easy installation.

Upgrade Option

USAutomatic Sentry 300 Commercial Grade Solar Gate Opener

The Sentry Plug-N-Go wiring system makes it easy to install.

Value Option

Mighty Mule MM360 Single – Gate Solar Powered Opener

Offered with a high power solar panel.

Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy Duty Dual Automatic Gate Opener

The Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy Duty Dual Automatic Gate Opener works efficiently for gates not more than 20 feet long and weighing up to 900 pounds. This ensures that it fits a wide range of gate types. Each kit comes with a 10-watt premium mono-crystalline solar panel that converts enough power to keep your gate operating at all times.

Irrespective of the age or cycles of the motor, its operations remain swift and quiet. Besides the motor and the solar panel, the kit comes with all other installation hardware including two operator arms with cables, a mounting arm and brackets for fast installation.

This solar powered opener is designed to open and close fast thanks to the Ghost improved mechanical design and the new radio frequency that enhances its functions. This ensures that your property is secure. The kit is optimized to function efficiently on tubular gates making them more efficient on tubular swing gates. With the kit are push-to-open brackets; if your gate is push-to-close, you will need to purchase push-to-close brackets separately.

Lastly, the unit comes with a high quality battery box. This box ensures that in case of acid leaks, the acid cannot damage the control board or any other components of the gate. Additionally, the unit comes with a Safe Force system that reduces the amount of force exerted to prevent injuries to people.



USAutomatic Sentry 300 Commercial Grade Solar Gate Opener

This is a single gate opener designed to be installed on heavy iron gates up to 12 ft. long, farm gates up to 20 ft. long and on chain-link gates up to 14 ft. long. Each unit operates with a 12V DC battery that can be charged using solar panel or can be charged using AC transformer in instances where the solar cannot charge the unit efficiently.

The Sentry Plug-N-Go wiring harness makes it easy for you to install the system within minutes. Here, you will not require extra wiring besides what is offered with the kit. Even better, the kit comes with universal mounting brackets so you can install on push-to-open or push-to-close gates. These mounting brackets can easily be bolted to the existing gate with no problem.

Irrespective of the weight of your gate, the opening and closing times remain the same; the gate closes and opens fast. Thanks to its design, the gate is able to close or open in 16 seconds. This is coupled with obstacle sensors to enhance the safety of gate users.

To enhance the lifespan of this unit, it is created solid and housed in rigid steel. It also sports a protective board to keep the unit safe from elements. Its circuit board is housed in a plastic case to keep off weather elements.



Mighty Mule MM360 Single-Gate Solar Powered Opener

The MM360 is engineered to work efficiently with medium duty gates weighing about 550 pounds. It is easy to install seeing that you are offered all installation hardware. You are also offered with a detailed installation guide and a DVD showing installation step by step.

The dual sense technology that this device runs on offers security and allows you to install the gate without the need to buy a secondary entrapment device. The powerful 10-watt solar panel offered with this device offers short charging times when exposed to maximum sunlight. With each kit, you get all the essential installation hardware including a plug-in transformer for easy installation.

This solar powered gate opener kit is designed for single swing gates up to 16 ft. long. It is a great choice when you need a solar gate opener on budget. Though it is a budget option, it sports high quality construction to last long. With the brackets and cables offered with the purchase of this unit, you will be up and running in the shortest time possible.




There are a horde of good solar powered gate opener kits each designed to meet specific needs. Different manufacturers, such as Ghost Controls or Mighty Mule, design a range of opener kits for different types of gates. If your gate is a dual swing, there is a product for you from your favorite manufacturer. When shopping, take your time and consider all the technical aspects of the opener kit before buying.

Our top recommendation from the kits above is Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy Duty Dual Automatic Gate Opener. The unit is not only offered with necessary installation hardware, but it also has great security and user protection features. Even better, it is offered at a reasonable price. As such, it meets the needs of many users and falls within the budget of most people.