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Suntrica acquires Phoenix Solar Group to provide the latest solar information for residential customers

USA – Suntrica is a renowned company working to make household energy sustainable and affordable. The company is a hub for all the reliable information regarding solar energy needs. Suntrica keeps track of the latest solar technologies and provides helpful info content to residential solar readers.

With the acquisition of Phoenix Solar Group, Suntrica will offer more services with the best customer experience. The company is focused on collecting up-to-date solar information for solar energy options to run lights, pools, yards, gardens, and many other home goods.

The acquisition made by Suntrica will expand their footprint in the growing solar niche. Both companies keep track of the affordable and most reliable solar energy options available for customers; the acquisition will yield massive advantages. Suntrica is among the most best known solar power review sites.

A spokesperson at Suntrica says, “Our goal is to help the average person take steps toward a more affordable and sustainable future for their home energy needs. Suntrica has come a long way over the past few years and is now the preferred source of solar energy information. We have a team of professionals working for the betterment of our environment.”

About Suntrica:

Suntrica is one of the top-rated companies delivering high quality information services about solar energy in the USA. It is rapidly expanding and dedicated to its mission of bringing affordable solar powered goods and services to the US market and beyond. Suntrica provides the latest solar information in the categories of lights, home goods, pools, panels, yard & garden, outdoors including solar generators and info & tips.