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Biomass Energy

biomass energy

Biomass is a fuel that can be burned in the place of carbon. It is made of renewable and organic material that comes from plants and animals. Until the mid-1800s, biomass was used for most energy consumption. While it is still common in developing countries, its use has decreased in developed countries.  In the United … Read more

Solar Power

solar panel farm

Solar power is one of the most well-known green energies currently available. It involves taking energy from the sun, via either heat or light, and turning it into usable electricity. Anywhere you look, you can see an article making some point or another about solar panels and solar installations for homes.  With the increase in … Read more

Hydropower Energy

Glen Canyon hydropower Dam on the Colorado River in Arizona

There are many hydropower facilities and reservoirs throughout the world. One of the best-known ones is the Hoover Dam and the Three Gorges Dam, but there are ones in every location you can think of, even in China and France. There are thousands of dams in the United States alone, though not every structure is … Read more

What is Clean Energy?

Solar panels on the roof of houses.

Clean energy technologies are constantly expanding, creating new resources and solutions all the time. Thanks to communities banding together to spread awareness and the desire for cleaner energy programs, more companies are working towards transitioning from fossil fuels to cleaner energy resources. Exciting investments in projects, applications, and opportunities are becoming more widespread as a … Read more