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Stay Connected in the Wild: A Guide to Choosing the Best Portable Solar Panels for Your Next Camping Trip

tree with solar lights

Getting power out in the forest doesn’t require loud generators or home-charged battery packs and a solar power bank could fall short. Set up some solar in the sun! To find the best portable solar panels for camping, you should have some idea of what you want to charge. Two of the recommendations on this … Read more

Illuminate Your Exterior Elegantly: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Solar Pillar Lights

solar pillar lights

Solar pillar lighting is an increasingly common fixture in the landscaping industry. The concern for the environment leads more consumers to seek out alternative lighting. And that’s powered by electricity. Below, we’ve rounded up our top options for solar pillar lights. They come with information to help you make an informed purchasing decision. Top Picks … Read more

Hang with Style: A Guide to Choosing the Best Hanging Solar Lights for Your Outdoor Space

hanging solar lights

Solar lights for your property don’t have to appear utilitarian. Decorative solar lights combine form and function, contributing aesthetic value to your property while simultaneously working to provide energy-efficient lighting. Homeowners seeking to reduce their environmental impact with alternative energy sources can find attractive solar lighting for their garden. Plenty of product options are available … Read more

Add a Little Sparkle to Your Space: A Guide to Choosing the Best Decorative Solar Lights

decorative solar star light

Solar lights for your property don’t have to appear utilitarian. Decorative solar lights combine form and function. It contributes aesthetic value to your property while providing energy-efficient lighting. Homeowners reducing their environmental impact with alternative energy sources are into solar lighting. Plenty of product options are available today. Below we’ll review the best decorative solar … Read more

Brighten Your Business with Solar: A Guide to Choosing the Best Commercial Parking Lot Solar Lighting

commercial parking light

In our automobile-centric society parking lots are almost a requirement for any business. As an owner and/or operator, safety is one of your responsibilities. We will discuss the considerations you should make when choosing the best commercial parking lot solar lighting for your business. Commercial solar lighting is a large initial investment but will pay … Read more

Go Solar with Confidence: A Guide to Choosing the Right Solar Installer and What to Expect

solar installer

Once you have decided to go solar, the first challenge will be choosing the right installer. Because solar is a competitive but specialized field, you will find a great deal of conflicting information. But don’t worry, this often confuses even the savviest of homeowners. Turning to “neighborhood” websites or social media for recommendations only provide … Read more

Power Up Your Savings: Understanding How Net Metering Works and How It Can Benefit You

net metering

If you have looked into the solar industry for energy or panels for your home, you have probably come across a variety of terms like “net metering.” At first glance, this term may seem like technical jargon. However, net metering is a crucial component of your new solar array and it has many benefits. Net … Read more

Splash into Savings: An Ultimate Guide to the Cost of Solar Pool Covers and How to Get the Most for Your Money

solar pool cover

Solar pool covers have been around for decades and offer a great way to conserve energy while making your pool water feel comfortable. Solar blankets can increase the water temperature by about 15 degrees and prevent up to 95% of pool water and chemical evaporation. Many pool owners opt for these covers because of how … Read more

How Do Sonic Mole Repellers Work To Disperse Rodents?

sonic mole repeller

A sonic mole chaser is an ingenious pest repellent device that works by producing an underground pulsating noise that moles find very irritating. There have been questions on the possible negative effects of using sonic mole repellers to chase away rodents. In this article, we will address whether those concerns have any merit by delving … Read more

How Do I Know If My Solar Powered Mole Repeller Is Working As It Should?

solar mole repeller

You know your solar-powered mole repeller is effective when you notice the obvious absence of molehills and mounds on your previously infested lawns. It may take a week or two for this final effect to fully set in. However, in that time, there might be increased mole activity that may make some people wonder if their solar … Read more

Green Machine Solar Attic Fan Review

Green Machine Solar Attic Fan Review

Summers are around the corner, and most people are busy thinking about how they can keep their home ventilated while being easy on their air conditioners. If you are one of those people, take a deep breath, sit back and read this article because we have created a list of the best solar attic fans … Read more

Does Pool Water Evaporate?


It’s true that pool water evaporates. In fact, swimming pools evaporate about a quarter-inch of water per day. Evaporation is when a liquid turns into vapor. And, under proper conditions, this process can occur in practically any body of water, including swimming pools.  Pool water temperatures are often higher than surrounding temperatures, which speeds up evaporation. … Read more

Do Solar Pool Covers Work: A Concise Guide

pool with solar pool cover and reel

If you are an outdoor pool, indoor pool, or ground pool owner who has ever considered getting a solar cover, you’ve probably asked the following questions: Do solar pool covers work in eliminating or reducing heat loss? Or, do solar blankets relieve energy costs? This guide will go over how solar pool covers work, so … Read more

Choosing the Best Solar Powered Dehumidifier

portable dehumidifier

How a Dehumidifier Works A dehumidifier operates by drawing the warm air currents inside its coils through a fan. The warm air then contracts through the appliance’s refrigerated coils while leaving the dehumidifier’s condensation. One droplet of water is stored inside the storage tank connected to the dehumidifier as the condensation a father. A more … Read more

How To Use A Dive Watch


The diving watch has been around since the early 21st century and are elegant, sleek, and efficient. Whether you have recently purchased a diving watch already or are considering purchasing one, it’s important you know how to use it. If you want to get the most out of your diving watch you will need to … Read more

How Much Does A 300 Watt Solar Panel Cost?

solar panel farm

For a monocrystalline 300 watt solar panel, the cost could be anywhere from $400 – $450. For a polycrystalline 300 watt solar panel, the cost could range from $280 – $300. Last, but certainly not least, the cost of a thin-film 300 watt solar panel can cost between $210 – $250. Installing solar panels does … Read more

How To Take Care of Your Solar Watch

men wearing solar watch

Watches, like our lives, have also upgraded thanks to technology. Watches have enhanced mechanisms and designs, but most mechanical ones still have complex interior mechanisms. They’re inherently delicate and require daily maintenance. If you’re a watch fanatic or use luxury watches as a fashion accessory, you must know how to take care of your watch. … Read more

Solar Panel Sizes and Wattage: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

solar panel

Are you trying to decide whether to install one or more solar panels in order to minimize your carbon footprint? There are several factors to consider before making a purchase, including solar panel sizes and wattage, where to buy your panels, do I need a permit to install solar panels, and how to install them. … Read more

Choosing The Best Portable Solar Blankets

solar panels on the roof

Solar blankets have become an immense hit in no time since they have shown unprecedented vigilance in keeping up with the modern modes of travel. With such a technological godsend, you don’t have to worry about charging your appliances no matter wherever you go. The solar blankets have a plethora of features like USB ports … Read more

Choosing The Best Liquid Solar Pool Cover

pool beside a house

Did you know that you can help heat your pool without the need for a physical pool cover? By investing in a liquid pool cover, you can get the same benefits without the extra cost. We’re going to look at the best brands that deliver the best results, and show you how they compare to a normal … Read more

Best Solar Powered Water Features

solar powered water fountain

Not just energy-efficient and cost-effective, but solar-powered water features are eco-friendly options for your garden or backyard. In addition to enhancing your outdoor space’s beauty, the water feature encourages wildlife as it’s an ideal pit-stop for birds and animals for drinking and bathing. For those who appreciate nature and like spending time outdoors, a solar-powered … Read more

Best Solar Pool Cover for Kidney Shaped Pool

kidney-shaped pool

It is not easy finding a solar cover that is designed to fit your kidney-shaped swimming pool. Most of them come in more traditional shapes, like an oval or rectangle. However, solar covers are available, and today we’re going to show you the best models for heating your pool. Top Picks Solar Pool Cover for … Read more

Best Solar Pool Cover for Intex Pools

intex pool

Intex pools are an affordable way to enjoy the comforts of swimming. But what if you want to heat up your pool on the cheap, too? Thankfully, there are solar pool cover options specifically for Intex. And to make your search easier, we’ve compiled the best covers for your consideration. Top Picks Pool Covers for … Read more

Best Solar Pool Cover for Elderly

women's on the pool

If you have a hard time with heavy, cumbersome solar pool covers, let us introduce you to some easy solutions. We’ve reviewed and ranked the best options for your needs. You’ll find these solar covers are a breeze to maintain. Even better, most don’t cost a fortune to invest in. Top Picks Solar Pool Cover … Read more

Best Solar Lights for Chain Link Fence


Solar Lights have gained immense popularity over the years, and for obvious reasons. They use a renewable source of energy; the sun, and keeps your house bright and visible during the darkness of the night. They are environmental-friendly, portable, and cost-effective. Below, we have listed the top five solar lights that you can use for … Read more

Best Solar Deck Lights

solar deck light

Solar deck lights do not only keep your entire house and its surroundings illuminated during the night, but it also helps you save money. These units, as the name suggests, take energy from the sun to recharge themselves. Hence, this allows you to keep your electricity bills low. If you have been searching for a … Read more

Best Batteries for RV Solar Power

rv at the forest

RVs have always been a popular choice among people interested in experiencing life away from the hustle and bustle of the city. These vehicles run on fuel, similar to other automobiles. However, many of the electrical components and appliances they contain require electrical power from an external source. The electrical portions of an RV’s engine … Read more

An Informative Guide to the Pros and Cons of Solar Pool Covers

pool with solar pool cover

Many swimming pool owners know first and how well pool covers can maintain the pool temperature. They’ve also witnessed how pool covers prevent heat evaporation and water evaporation. However, there are other benefits of solar pool covers that you may not be aware of. There are also some concerns that you should take into consideration … Read more

Top 7 Wall Fence Lighting Ideas

lightings on the fence

If you have an old or unattractive fence, adding some lighting will do wonders for the look of your property and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Here are wall fence lighting ideas that can help give your home a fresh, new look! Along the Fence The first idea is to simply add lights … Read more