Why Solar Trees are Trending…And Why you Should Get One Too

You likely know about solar panels. These items absorb energy from the sun’s rays. Next, a conversion process begins that turns this absorbed energy into usable electricity. Due to it being a cost-saving and environmentally-friendly energy source, many people are buying solar panels.

But have you heard of solar trees? If not, that’s okay. Solar trees are a newer way for people, companies, and entire cities to explore everything solar energy has to offer. Here is more information about solar trees, the benefits of owning them, and why they’re becoming so popular.

What Are Solar Trees?

Solar trees are types of ground-mounted systems. They receive their name because the ground mounts and solar panels attached to them look like a tree. The pole mounted to the ground looks like the base of a tree, with the attached solar panels looking like leaves or branches.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ricrossi/2436605213/

These new kinds of trees are a small part of the growing solar energy revolution. Solar energy is becoming so popular that experts expect it to account for 48% of all renewable energy usage by 2050.While they’re not actual trees, solar trees are a unique way to utilize this type of renewable energy. You can visit this gallery of beautifully designed solar trees for a closer look at where these renewable energy powerhouses are showing up.

The Benefits of Solar Trees

Now that you know more about solar trees, it’s understandable to research why they’re beneficial. With that in mind, here are four beneficial reasons to own a solar tree.

1. Saving money on energy costs – Solar trees can be major money savers. Since the panels on solar trees absorb energy from the sun, you’re likely using much less electricity than normal. Exactly how much money you’ll save depends on your location, kWh (kilowatt-hours), and how much sun you receive. However, research shows that solar panels provide average savings of $44 to $187 per month with a 5 kW solar system.

2. They don’t have to go on your roof – Unfortunately, certain properties can’t support solar panels. This might be due to a property having a small or oddly shaped roof. With that in mind, solar trees can do their job from an area of level ground.

3. They’re a unique way to go solar – Certain people want a more expressive way to show that they’re going solar. Fortunately, solar trees are a great way to express your uniqueness. You might even find that your solar trees inspire passersby to consider solar energy.

4. Having a shady spot to enjoy – There’s nothing like escaping a hot day under the shade of a tree. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a big tree in their yard. Fortunately, solar trees can offer the shade you’re looking for. Certain solar trees even come with attached tables and chairs.

Solar Trees Vs. Solar Panels

It’s also understandable to wonder about how solar trees and solar panels compare to each other. Here’s a closer comparison of solar trees vs. solar panels.

The first way these two things differ from each other is how they look. A solar panel itself is a flat item. Solar trees come up out of the ground and feature attached solar panels. In some cases, the panels on a solar tree are far apart. Other times, the tree features one giant panel made up of several smaller ones.

When discussing how solar trees and solar panels operate, they essentially do the same thing. Solar panels usually rest on a roof to absorb rays from the sun. Due to the design of a solar tree, this structure automatically lets solar panels rest in a high location.

Why You Should Get a Solar Tree

By this point, you might be wondering if a solar tree is right for you or not. Considering that, here’s how to determine if you should get a solar tree.

If you want to do something about paying expensive monthly electricity bills, solar trees can be a great way to save money.

You might also decide to have solar trees installed because you don’t want to depend on fossil fuels that damage the environment.

Solar trees are also fun ways to spruce up a bare-looking yard. As mentioned earlier, you might use the beautiful designs of solar trees to inspire others to learn about renewable energy.

Whether it’s by choosing a solar tree or solar panels, this form of renewable energy is extremely beneficial. Consider choosing solar energy to enjoy lower bills while doing your part to help the planet.