Did you know that you can help heat your pool without the need for a physical pool cover

By investing in a liquid pool cover, you can get the same benefits without the extra cost. We’re going to look at the best brands that deliver the best results, and show you how they compare to a normal cover.

Top Picks

  The Best Overall Option –

SunHeater Shield, 32 oz. Bottle – Liquid Solar Blanket, Non-Toxic and Safe for Swimmers, Reduces Water Evaporation Chemical and Heat Loss, SHS32, Pack of 1, Clear

SunHeater Shield

The Upgrade Option –

Pool Basics 2706PB Heat Trapper Pool Solar Blanket In A Bottle Liquid Solar Cover, 1-Quart, 1-Pack

Pool Basics Heat Trapper

Buying the Best Liquid Solar Cover for Your Pool

It pays to do research on the type of pool you have to ensure that you buy the correct liquid solar pool cover. If you have a large pool, it stands to reason that you’ll need more product for the job.

You may have to use it more often, as well, in order to get the best results. Many of the different liquid solar covers do the same thing, although some are much more effective than others.

How Much Liquid Pool Cover Do I Need?

How much liquid cover you need largely depends on the size of your pool and what you’re trying to achieve. If you have a really big pool, you can expect to use the liquid once a day.

Smaller pools will only need liquid solar cover applied once a week. In doing this, your pool will be protected from harmful UV rays. This in turn will reduce your need for chemicals throughout the pool season.

You can also look forward to less evaporation in your pool water, reducing your need to add water to your pool as often. This will effectively keep your water bill low in the process.

Can You Run a Pool Pump With a Solar Cover On?

Absolutely! In fact, it’s recommended that you run your pump while applying liquid solar covers. This will help you distribute the formula throughout your pool more evenly.

You will find that the solution is more effective, giving you far better results. Try to get in the habit of running your pump every time you need to add a new liquid solar cover. For pool owners, this should be an easy thing to remember.

Do Liquid Solar Pool Covers Really Work?

They sure do. Liquid solar covers are shown to provide the very same benefits as solar pool covers. The difference is that you have to buy a lot of products to reach the same effects. Depending on how often you swim and the size of your swimming pool, liquid solar covers are a viable option for many people.


They are also a great alternative for those who don’t want to put a solar cover on. Pool maintenance is a lot to keep with as it is. By using a liquid cover, you’ll have time and energy in maintaining your pool.

Liquid Solar Pool Cover Reviews

1. Best Overall Option -SunHeater Shield

SunHeater Shield, 32 oz. Bottle – Liquid Solar Blanket, Non-Toxic and Safe for Swimmers, Reduces Water Evaporation Chemical and Heat Loss, SHS32, Pack of 1, Clear
SunHeater Shield is one of the most popular liquid solar options. This liquid solar formula is designed to provide a super-thin layer of protection, just like a solar cover. Solar cover for pools can be awkward and hard to manage for some pool owners. SunHeater Shield effectively eliminates any hassle for an easy to use alternative. This liquid solar blanket is completely safe to use and non-toxic. Plus, there aren’t any bad odors when using it. Applying this liquid solar blanket is an excellent way to reduce water usage and eat your pool water.
  • Heat retention – SunHeater Shield works to trap in heat for longer periods of time to ensure your water stays comfortable all throughout the swimming season.
  • Affordable – You won’t have to break the bank with this solution. It’s highly affordable in its cost, and yet it delivers many of the same features that you find in solar pool covers!
  • Easy to use – The great thing about liquid pool covers is that they are a breeze to use. Simply follow the directions according to your pool size and apply it to your water.
  • Have to use it often – The only drawback to liquid SunHeater Shield is that you have to use it frequently to get the best results. But when used correctly and often, it provides exceptional heating and less chemical use.

2. Upgrade Option – Pool Basics Heat Trapper

Pool Basics 2706PB Heat Trapper Pool Solar Blanket In A Bottle Liquid Solar Cover, 1-Quart, 1-Pack

Pool Basics Heat Trapper is designed to be used every two weeks to get optimal results. The benefits of this formula are that it greatly reduces your need to add water to your swimming pool during the swim season. Our tests showed it to be very effective in doing this.

Evaporation is lessened, as well. You’ll find this to be useful for cutting back on your chemical budget by leaps and bounds. If you’re looking to reduce your overall pool maintenance costs, Heat Trapper is an excellent investment.

We like that it serves to extend the swimming season. If you swim a lot, you’ll want to try out Heat Trapper. It works to keep your water warmer much longer than other brands we tried. It is slightly more expensive as a result. But it’s also highly effective in benefiting pool owners.

  • Longer swimming season – Our favorite feature by far is Heat Trapper’s ability to prolong the swimming season. It works wonders in maintaining your water’s temperature for more enjoyable swimming conditions.
  • Less chemicals– Tired of spending a small fortune on costly chemicals every season? You’ll love how well Heat Trapper works to prolong the life of your chemicals. You’ll be able to save a lot of money by reducing your chemical budget by a sizable portion.
  • Easy to use – We had no trouble using Heat Trapper in our pool. Pool Basics recommends using Heat Trapper every two weeks for best results. Although it is more expensive compared to other brands, we also found it to be more effective, thus lasting longer.
  • A bit pricey – The only downside to Heat Trapper is that it is more costly than other brands. Still, considering its effectiveness, you’re getting a great bargain.

3. Value Option – Tropical Fish Liquid Blanket in a Bottle

Liquid Solar Blanket in a Bottle
On a tight budget? Then you should definitely give Tropical Fish Liquid Blanket in a Bottle some serious consideration. This affordable solution is safe and effective in its use. It’s very easy to use and won’t break the bank. A much more affordable alternative to using a solar blanket, Liquid Blanket in a Bottle does a fine job of keeping heat locked into your pool. It’s safe to use all during the swimming season, and it doesn’t have any foul odors, either. We included this liquid pool cover due to its user-friendly design and easy instructions. Plus, it really works to reduce chemical and water costs. A liquid solar blanket is a great option for cutting down on expensive pool upkeep. If you’ve been on the fence about trying out a liquid solar blanket, give this budget-friendly brand a shot. You’ll be glad you did, as it is non-toxic and highly affordable.
  • Highly versatile – Liquid Blanket in a Bottle is safe and easy to use in pools of any shape and size. Simply follow the directions and soon you’ll be enjoying much more comfortable water temperatures.
  • Warmer water – You can look forward to much warmer water temperatures during the swimming season when using the Liquid Blanket in a Bottle. Its effective formula locks in heat for longer periods of time, thereby extending the season far longer.
  • Less evaporation – You can also expect to see as much as 50% less evaporation when using Liquid Blanket in a Bottle. With less evaporation, you won’t have to add water as often to your pool. This liquid solar blanket works wonders in reducing chemical loss, as well. If you’re trying to cut spending, this liquid solar blanket is a great place to start.
  • Requires frequent application – We found that we had to use this solar blanket more often to get the best results. Still, it’s a highly affordable alternative that works well when applied frequently.

Our Recommendation for Liquid Solar Pool Cover

Throughout our testing to find the best liquid solar cover for a pool, our top pick was ultimately Pool Basics Heat Trapper. Sure, it’s a bit more costly compared to the other entries, but you also don’t have to use it nearly as often. It works well in its application and is the most effective cover we tried.