☀ How To Choose The Best Solar Pool Rings (2019 Update)

How To Choose The Best Solar Pool Rings

Unless you are very adventurous, it is not pleasant to jump into your pool for an evening swim after the sun goes down; the water will be too cold for such a venture. This is where solar pool rings come in. These rings offer a green way to keep your pool heated at all times and prevent water from evaporation due to strong sun.

There are so many pool covers on the market today and many solar pool rings brands. This may pose a challenge to first time buyers. This guide is designed to help you make the best choice when buying.

This is a simple solar pool ring designed to fit in every pool design and size. It is offered at a great price, sports a beautiful design and heats and insulates pools efficiently.

The Thermo Spring solar rings sport an attractive oval design that fits on different shapes and sizes of pools. These rings can heat your pool up to 75 degrees and are good at insulation.

SwimWays 17400 is created almost the same as the Thermo Springs solar rings above but it is a little bigger and a little cheaper. It functions efficiently to keep your pool water warm.

How to Choose the Best Solar Pool Rings

When shopping for solar pool rings, there are a number of factors to consider including:

Solar Rings Quality

Solar rings are designed from two sheets of heavy-duty vinyl. The rings will trap sunlight energy warming water in your pool and at night, they offer an insulation layer ensuring that heat is not lost from the pool. Due to their constant exposure to sunlight, the rings tend to crack and chip off from the edges with time. To ensure your rings can last for long, choose thick vinyl layers. Again, ensure that the vinyl is UV resistant so it does not get destroyed by the strong sun.

Good solar pool rings can last up to 4 years but most last three years or below.

Size of Your Pool

Unlike other pool covers that cover the entire pool, solar pool rings cover small sections of the pool. This means that you have to buy many rings depending on the size of your pool. If you have a small pool, you can buy small sized rings to cover about 80 percent of your pool connected edge to edge by the fitted magnets. If your pool is large, shop for larger rings to ensure you do not buy so many.

Ring Design and Decorations

Most solar pool rings sport a blue layer that absorbs sunlight to heat water. The units are created in different shapes and sizes with most being circular or elliptical. Some are triangular. On top of the rings are different decorations; some have bubbles and others palm trees while others are plain only with the brand name. When shopping, pick according to your likes and preferences.

Solar Ring Heating Power

Most solar run rings are able to absorb up top 50 percent of the sun’s energy to heat water in your pool. The rings are able to provide up to 21,000BTUs of heat to keep your pool warm at all times. When shopping, look at product specifications to see the heating power of the solar sun ring.

Affordability and Warranty

You can buy solar rings individually or you can buy them as a set. When you buy them as a set, they are less expensive making them affordable. However, the number of rings you buy will depend on the size of your pool.

When shopping, consider the warranty offered as it shows the trust the manufacturer places on their products.

How to Use Solar Pool Rings

Solar rings have to be inflated to make them buoyant before they are placed on the surface of the pool. All you have to do is inflate the outer surface until it is firm and then inflate the inner portion just slightly. Place them on the surface of the pool and they will start heating your water.

Most solar pool rings are fitted with magnets on their edges making it easy for them to stay connected and cover more area on your pool. The magnets also keep your water clear and ensure the rings do not overlap. Rings or squares will not cover every part of your pool and as such, you can still run your pump. This is an advantage as it allows sunlight to pass through thereby reducing the growth of algae. It can also be a disadvantage as leaves and other particles still find their way into your pool.

Unlike other pool covers, solar rings are easy to remove; all you need is to detach the magnets and pull the rings out of the water.

How to Store Solar Rings

Solar rings are small elliptical or square pool covers; this makes them easy to store. When you are swimming, you can stack them somewhere on the deck of your pool, away from the wind.

Most rings feature a loop from which you can hang them when they are not in use.

If you want to store the rings for a long time, get them out of the water and spray them off. Use a soft brush to clean off debris when the rings are still inflated to ensure that no dirt is trapped in the wrinkles.

Next, dry the rings by hand. If you decide to dry them with a leaf blower, hold them so they do not fly all over your compound. Deflate the rings, flatten them and store them in their bag. If the rings did not come with a bag, store them in a lidded container. Rings should be stored away from sunlight and from abrasive surfaces.

Why Pick Solar Rings?

Solar pool rings are easy to use and they do not need a lot of maintenance. Unlike other pool covers that may need special tools to install, rings only need to be inflated and placed on top of the pool. They are designed to reduce the rate of evaporation, retain the heat of your pool after the sun goes down, they keep debris and bugs out of the pool and they have lower chemical cost.

Best Solar Pool Rings Reviews

The Solar Sun Rings Pool Heaters are designed to keep your pool water warm for an evening swim. Each ring is designed circular with a blue surface on which a palm tree and orange sun are printed. However, according to the manufacturer, the design keeps changing and you may buy a ring with a different print.

Solar Sun Rings Solar Pool Heater (10)

These rings are created with a double layer of strong UV resistant vinyl to make them highly durable. The two layers allow some sun rays to filter through to ensure that your pool is not completely dark so algae cannot grow. Its top layer allows sun light to pass through while the bottom layer traps the sun light energy to warm your pool.

You should not over-inflate the rings. Blowing them just a few times will get them up and working. The trapped air lets the rings insulate your pool to retain heat at night. The manufacturer warns against using the rings as a floatation device as they are not strong enough. The manufacturer offers a two-year defect-free guarantee. On the edges, this unit is fitted with a strong ring that keeps it in shape and ensures it is not blown off the pool by wind.

  • Constructed from heavy duty vinyl to last long
  • Beautiful palm tree decoration
  • Great price-quality ratio
  • Fitted with string magnets to ensure the rings stick together
  • Light enough to ease the process of installation
  • Suitable for pools of different sizes
  • Since they are so light, they may be carried off if you live in an area with strong winds.

The Thermo Spring solar mat is designed to heat up water in your pool fast, up to 75 degrees and later insulate the pool against heat loss. Each unit measures 65.5 inches long and 37.5 inches wide. This means that you only need a couple of them to cover large pools.

SwimWays Thermo Spring Solar Mat 10 Pack (18' Pool)

The oval styling of these rings make them attractive and their deep blue color with bubble-patterns makes them more appealing. Each ring is made of a double layer that ensures its durability and enhances the weight of the ring to reduce instances of being blown away by the wind. To make them more functional, they are fitted with a ring on the edges that not only maintains their shape but also ensures the rings stay together to cover a large section of your pool surface.

The twist and fold spring technology used to create these rings make it easier for you to store them or carry them around. The units are easy to inflate as they only need to take in a small volume of air to function. When not in use, the twist-and-fold technology ensures they occupy the least possible space.

  • Attractive styling to match your backyard décor
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Oval design to fit on different shapes of pools
  • Features twist-and-fold spring technology for easy handling
  • Thick to offer great insulation
  • Can be used on large as well as small pool sizes
  • Can heat the pool up to 75 degrees during the day
  • They are relatively pricier

If you are looking for a solar pool ring that fits into different shapes of pool, the SwimWays solar pool cover might be a good option. It sports an oval shape that allows you to stack many rings side by side to cover a large percentage of your pool. This way, you will have less evaporation, more insulation and less debris getting into your pool.

SwimWays 17400 Pool Heater ThermaSpring Solar Mat, White

The two-layered ring is fitted with a sun-absorbing layer to convert up to 50 percent of the sun energy that hits it into heat. The unit is able to produce up to 21,000 BTUs of heat to keep your pool water warm.

Its twist-and-fold spring technology makes it easy to install, easy to remove and easy to store. When you are not using the rings, you only need to deflate them then twist and fold the unit to occupy less space in storage. The manufacturer advises that, for the solar rings to function optimally, they need to cover between 70 and 80 percent of your pool surface. 

  • Measures 67 inches long to fit in large pools
  • Weights only 2.65 pounds when inflated making it easy to install
  • The fitted springs close with ease making the mat easy to store
  • Edges fitted with strong rings for stability
  • The design of the rings looks great on any pool
  • Its oval shape ensures you can use it on all pool shapes
  • Thick enough to offer insulation for a long time
  • Light enough to be carried by strong winds


Solar pool rings are great when you need a quick solution to heating your pool and keep debris off. You need to ensure that the rings are not too light to be blown off by the wind and they are not too heavy to sink and soak on water. Take your time when shopping and you will pick solar rings that meet your needs.

Our top recommendation is the Solar Sun Rings Pool heater. The unit is designed light enough for easy installation and easy removal but heavy enough to stay on your pool when the wind blows by. It is also designed to fit a wide range of pool sizes and shapes. If you need a solar pool ring that adds to the beauty of your outdoor living space, these rings sport an attractive design. On a day when the sun is hot, the rings can warm your water up to 75 degrees Celsius. They are also thick enough to insulate your pool for a long time.

Take your time shopping to pick the best pool rings.