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Can You Parallel Solar Generators?

There’s a lot of talk about running solar panels in parallel, but what about solar generators? Is it possible to run them in parallel and stay safe? And what are the benefits of doing so compared to just getting bigger generators?

If you have any of these questions, or just want to know more about running solar generators in parallel, continue reading below.

Is It Possible to Parallel Solar Generators?

It can be possible to run solar generators in parallel. However, it isn’t very common, and there are some specifics that have to be taken into account to prevent any serious issues or damage.

The most important part is that these units need to be identical for the easiest and safest option. Even if two units have the same size, if they aren’t the same brand, it is best to avoid it because, if it even does work, it can lead to issues with backfeeding and miscommunication.

You may also want to purchase them around the same time. Trying to run an old generator with a new one may limit your strength and quality.

What Does It Mean to Parallel Solar Generators?

By running solar generators in parallel, you allow yourself to get more wattage than you would from just running the two solar generators separately. This can allow you to power bigger systems that would normally short your generator, like an AC unit or a microwave.

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What Size of Solar Generator Do I Need?

Essentially, it works similarly to just getting a bigger solar generator. However, if you already have one generator, you may not want to just toss that one. Instead, you can go and buy a second one and get the same benefits of a bigger solar generator.

Can All Generators Be Run in Parallel?

Unfortunately, you can’t just buy two random solar generators and run them in parallel. You need to make sure the generator can handle a parallel system and has a parallel cable.

Two different brands and different sizes of generators may not be compatible, and you want to make sure that the generators also have the same amperage and voltage to ensure safety.

Flashfish generator

If this isn’t an option, a separate inverter connected to both with a phase detector may be able to match up the generators and pull from each as required, but this can be complicated and doesn’t work if you want a more portable system.

What Is the Benefit of Running Solar Generators in Parallel?

There are some benefits to running solar generators in parallel. While it may not work for anyone, it can be beneficial for some.

  • Adds redundancy if one of the generators fail
  • Can be easier to maintain and fix when something goes wrong
  • Can still run power even during maintenance
  • More efficient, so you need less solar power
  • Increases your power capacity, even for the same size
  • Can run multiple solar generators in parallel
  • Lasts longer since you are going through fewer cycles on one generator
  • Can increase as you go without having to replace your system

What Are the Downsides of Running Solar Generators in Parallel?

Some downsides of running your solar generators in parallel are:

  • It takes up more space
  • Requires specialized wiring and a professional or some experience to do
  • Can be dangerous if not done right
  • Can sometimes hide errors in a generator