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Are Solar Generators Worth the Money?

Solar generators are very useful, but they have a large initial cost, and they do have their limitations. If you want to know if a solar generator is right for you and if it is worth the money, continue reading below. 

Do I Need a Solar Generator in My House?

While you don’t technically need to get a solar power station in your home, it can be very beneficial. Without one, you are at the whims of the grid and your utility company at night or if there are power outages. 

Additionally, it is often a better choice than a gas generator and allows more independence, since you don’t have to rely on fossil fuels. 

What Isn’t Possible With a Solar Generator?

Solar generators aren’t a perfect solution. They can’t provide infinite power or create their own power. While they can reduce your dependence on the grid and nonrenewable electricity, they can only store so much power. Once their battery is drained, you have to wait for more sunlight to use them again. 

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What Is the Average Cost of a Solar Power Bank?

On average, most households spend around $10,000 on a system for their home. The average range for solar generators is between $300 and $20,000 for most average solar systems. 

Can I Save Money With a Solar Generator?

It is possible to save money with a solar generator. Despite the initial investment, they can provide savings over the long term if used right and you get a good size.

Most of the time, the payback period is about 8 to 10 years depending on how much you use it, but most solar generators can last about 20 years if taken care of regularly and if the batteries aren’t cycled constantly.

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How Do You Set Up a Solar Power Bank?

While it is cheaper to set up your own solar generator, if you don’t have an idea about how electronics and similar devices and panels work, you may be better off getting a professional to do the installation for you.

This can double the amount you are paying for this device, and the price may not seem worth it, but having a professional do the work can make sure everything is installed properly and there is also a warranty for your purchase in case something goes wrong. 

However, if you have experience with any product like a solar generator or electrical and mechanical things, you may be fine to install it yourself. 

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All you have to do is make sure you get all the parts such as the right battery capacity, wires, brackets, and mounts. You will want to make sure it is connected to your solar panel so that they are drawing in solar energy.

It is a bit more work than gas generators, but these power stations have a lot of benefits that make it worth it even besides the initial costs. 

Pros of Getting a Solar Battery Bank

Very Quiet

The first benefit of solar battery banks is that they are very quiet. Gas generators are loud, running a motor to get your energy. This makes a lot of noise. In comparison, solar generators only have a fan on most models to help keep the equipment cool. This is much quieter. 

Additionally, solar generators are environmentally friendly and use renewable solar energy instead of fossil fuels. 

Energy for Free

While the initial purchase of any solar panel system is expensive, after your payback period, which is usually well within the warranty period, you are making money.  Usually, you can either make money by selling the excess energy back to the utility company or just keep it and not have to use as much power from the grid. 

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Over the lifetime of a system, you can save anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000. 

Little to No Maintenance

Additionally, there is little to no maintenance for battery banks and inverters. They run pretty well on their own, only needing occasional dusting and wiping down while checking for leaks. 

Some Are Portable

If you buy the right kind, or you make one yourself, you can also make them portable so you can keep them in your home, or you can take them camping or in an RV as needed. 

Cons of Getting a Solar Battery Bank

May Take Up a Lot of Space

Depending on the size of your solar generator, they can take up a lot of space. You may need multiple battery banks, larger inverters, and charge controllers.

Don’t Handle a Wide Range of Temperatures

Most generators can only handle between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This means they don’t work for all temperature ranges, unlike gas generators. 

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Inconsistent Energy Supply

Solar generators rely on the sun. Without the sun, or with inconsistent amounts of sun like during cloudy days, you may not get a consistent amount of power. This means that, unlike with traditional electricity, you sometimes have to monitor your power consumption. 

Can’t Be Used Infinitely

Unlike gas generators where you just keep adding more fuel, solar generators only work as long as they have energy in their batteries. If there is no sun to supply them with new power, they will eventually stop working. This means that a couple of cloudy days can leave you without power. 

Large Upfront Cost

The upfront cost is pretty high, easily costing thousands of dollars. This can make it intimidating for many to use. 

Are Solar Generators Worth the Money?

Solar generators are worth the money if you are planning on using them for a long time. If you are just planning to live in a home for a couple of years, it likely isn’t worth it because you will not reach the buyback period where you at least make your money back.

For this reason, if you are planning on investing a lot of money in this system, it is best to do it for a place you are planning to live in for a while.