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Photovoltaic Cells

photovoltaic solar panels ate the roof of the house

Most understand the broad sense of how solar panels work. You put them in the sun, and they take the light and turn it into usable energy. However, when it comes to understanding the specifics of it, you may be surprised to find out how it works. There is a lot of complicated science behind … Read more

Solar Panel Output

solar panel rakes

You may know that solar panels are useful, and maybe even how many you need to cut down on some of your electricity bills. However, you may not understand how solar panel output works, why you need as many panels as you do, or how to determine how solar panel wattage will change your electricity … Read more

Passive Vs. Active Solar

When you are looking at solar, you may be wondering what the differences are between active and passive solar. The terms are thrown around a lot, but what do they actually mean? Overall, while sometimes the definitions can be a little confusing, they are pretty different, and it can be easy to tell the difference … Read more

Rooftop Solar

rooftop solar

Rooftop solar is one of the most common forms of solar. It works in very urban places, including in the heart of cities, because it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It can be put on a roof, or in spaces that aren’t being utilized for anything else. Depending on how you choose to … Read more

Community Solar

community or shared solar

When traditional solar systems don’t work for your situation, community solar can be a huge help. People in various situations, such as those who rent, don’t have a lot of disposable income, or those that have a house that isn’t ideal for solar might feel like they have no choice but to depend on a … Read more

Concentrated Solar Power

When looking at renewable solar energy on a big scale, one of the processes that has to be discussed is concentrated solar power. It has a lot of drawbacks that don’t make it practical for long-term renewable energy but may be a great stepping stone to remove us from coal dependency. What is Concentrated Solar … Read more

Hybrid System

solar hybrid system

You may have heard about off-grid systems and grid-tie systems, but did you know about hybrid systems? To put it simply, these are systems that let you get a little bit of both worlds. However, they do come with some complications and a higher cost. What Is a Hybrid Solar System? A hybrid solar system … Read more

Calculating The Perfect RV Solar System

RV with solar panel

To Cover All Your Needs And Wants Part Math – Part Balancing Act So you’ve decided to join the boondocking life and get your RV some solar power. That’s an exciting plan, but it comes with a host of difficult decisions, many of which are dictated by reality rather than personal choice. If you’re truly … Read more

Solar Generator Troubleshooting

man fixing generator

Do you have a solar generator, and everything has been working fine until recently? Whether you know a lot about solar generators or the basics, like that they need solar panels, sunlight, and a certain load before you can have an output, troubleshooting can get the best of you.  It can be hard to even … Read more

Ways To Harness Solar Power

solar panels mounting in the ground

Solar power is one of our main renewable resources. There are many ways to harness solar power, both the heat and light released by the sun.  Let’s go over some of the ways to harness solar energy and the technology used to do that.  What Is the Process of Harnessing Solar Energy? Solar energy is … Read more

How To Get Solar Storage

yeti solar battery

Now that you’ve decided that you want a solar energy storage system to store the electricity from a panel or panels in a battery, you have to figure out how to pay for it. By this point, you should have an idea of the size you want, what it will roughly cost, and the installer and … Read more

Do You Need Solar Storage?

solar panel with battery

We know what solar storage is, but is it necessary? If you are connected to the grid, you can just skip solar storage entirely and save some money, right? While solar storage and battery systems are very expensive, and can easily cost as much as the entirety of the rest of your system, there are … Read more

Benefits of Solar Storage

WindyNation solar batteries

While a solar battery system isn’t absolutely necessary if you are planning on staying connected to the grid, it can help provide you with even more discounts or even allow you to go off-grid.  Like any battery, a solar battery system has power that can be drawn upon if no other source of power is … Read more

Solar Products

Solar panels on the roof of houses.

Solar panels are expensive, and a solar system installed in your home is even more so. But there are cheaper options that allow you to make small differences. Solar products are much more cost-effective than solar systems, but still can be incredibly useful. Whether you want to have lights outside in your yard, a battery … Read more

Performance Monitoring Brands: See All Your Options

solar data

In order to have a successful photovoltaic system, you need the right tools. And one of the most important tools for monitoring your solar power panels to gather data about solar performance is by using online or desktop data loggers. These come in different forms and are produced by many different companies. Enphase Enphase Energy, … Read more

Battery Brands: See All Your Options

battle born battery

When choosing a battery for solar power systems, one has to pay attention to certain aspects such as the designated use, number of recharge cycles and even the warranty. They have created a list of the battery brands for solar powered systems so that you can select a unit which will last longer and continue … Read more

Mounting Brands: See All Your Options

solar panels mounting in the ground

Solar mounting brands are the focal point of solar installations. Solar arrays are made up of countless modules wired together to generate electricity. Each module is then attached to a mounting system, creating a collection of the solar brand on your roof—there are many products on the market from which to choose. We have a … Read more

Inverter Brands: See All Your Options

GoWise Inverters Pure Sine Wave

Different inverter brands are very popular in today’s market and are one of the most important components of a solar system. These inverters play an important role. Solar inverters, also referred to as solar charge controllers, change the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into normal AC power and distribute it to the rest … Read more

Panel Brands: See All Your Options

solar panels

There are hundreds of solar panel brands in the US, and even more in other parts of the world. With so many options to choose from, selecting a new solar panel brand can be a difficult process. The following is a list of the current panel brands which range from the low end to the … Read more

Components of a Solar Power System

solar power farm

When you are looking at getting a solar power system, it is about more than just getting a solar panel or two. You don’t want to go in with no information, or you may find that you miss important factors or get a type of system that doesn’t work. While your installer will handle getting … Read more

Solar Storage: Understanding the Basics

man installling solar panels

If you are looking to go off-grid, or increase your savings when you are connected to the grid, a solar storage system is necessary. For any form of green energy that can be synthetically released at certain times, like wind and solar, batteries are a necessity. Most of the time, the grid will use forms … Read more

Solar Mounting Systems: Understanding the Basics

solar panels mounting in the ground

Solar panels are for more than just standard residential buildings. They can provide green energy via photovoltaic cells to whoever needs them. Mounting systems can help you to have concentrated systems by having solar panels closely attached together.  About Mounting Systems Solar mounting systems are used to install solar panels onto a variety of surfaces. … Read more

Solar Inverters: Understanding the Basics

GoWise PS1004 Inverter 

Getting a solar system is about more than getting just renewable and green energy. It provides you with a way to reduce your yearly energy bill. The systems have a high initial price, but the products and equipment last many years and will save you time and money in the long run.  Water and wind … Read more

PV Panels: Understanding the Basics

Solar panels and polycrystalline photovoltaic cells

Whether you are looking for renewable and green solutions to power your home, want to reduce your carbon footprint, or just want to make some money instead of paying the utility company month after month, solar panels, also known as photovoltaic panels, are a great option for you.  The technology for PV systems is getting … Read more

Solar Hot Water

Solar water heater on the roof of a building against the background of the sky. Using solar energy to heat water

Many people have heard about solar panels to generate electricity, but did you know that there are solar water heaters as well? These water heating systems work by heating an antifreeze mixture and transferring heat to your water. It isn’t completely off the grid, as water still might have to be heated up to a … Read more

Air Source Heat Pumps

air source heat pump

There are plenty of ways to use renewable energy to your advantage, and the technology is ever-growing. If you care about the environment and climate change, then one of the biggest things that you can look at reducing is your heating and cooling. However, this doesn’t mean you have to install expensive solar panels. Instead, … Read more

Solar Heating and Cooling

solar heating and cooling

Using renewable power to produce electricity in homes and commercial and industrial buildings is fairly well-known. However, what is slower to be used is solar heating and cooling systems.  Solar heating and cooling allow us to get rid of some of our demand for coal electricity and power and is a green energy source. With … Read more

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

house heating and cooling

Geothermal heating and cooling relies on the natural, stable temperature of the earth and water under the earth. Though it can be costly to build, it can be a renewable resource, sustainable, and green. Over time, it can also save homeowners money that they would normally spend on air conditioning and heating.  How Does Geothermal … Read more

How To Go Solar

Solar panels on the roof of houses.

So you’ve decided you want solar panels, but don’t know how to get started? Perhaps you are overwhelmed and don’t know all the information that a homeowner needs to start using this technology. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide on how to start getting solar and using it for your own … Read more

Should You Go Solar?

soalr panels mounted on the ground

It seems like everyone is promoting the savings you can get from using solar energy. But with many scammy installers and not a lot of information or answers to questions for the average person, it can feel a lot like a scam. This is especially true when you look at the prices. No matter if … Read more

Biomass Energy

biomass energy

Biomass is a fuel that can be burned in the place of carbon. It is made of renewable and organic material that comes from plants and animals. Until the mid-1800s, biomass was used for most energy consumption. While it is still common in developing countries, its use has decreased in developed countries.  In the United … Read more

Solar Power

solar panel farm

Solar power is one of the most well-known green energies currently available. It involves taking energy from the sun, via either heat or light, and turning it into usable electricity. Anywhere you look, you can see an article making some point or another about solar panels and solar installations for homes.  With the increase in … Read more

Hydropower Energy

Glen Canyon hydropower Dam on the Colorado River in Arizona

There are many hydropower facilities and reservoirs throughout the world. One of the best-known ones is the Hoover Dam and the Three Gorges Dam, but there are ones in every location you can think of, even in China and France. There are thousands of dams in the United States alone, though not every structure is … Read more

Wind Power

Aerial view over the farm landscape and wind turbines generating clean renewable energy. Renewable energy production for the green ecological world.

Wind energy isn’t a new technology, but it is growing quickly in popularity with the looming threat of climate change. This is because it provides better health for the earth, produces little to no emissions compared to traditional power plants that use natural gas and coal, and wind is a never-ending set of renewables.  A … Read more

What is Clean Energy?

Solar panels on the roof of houses.

Clean energy technologies are constantly expanding, creating new resources and solutions all the time. Thanks to communities banding together to spread awareness and the desire for cleaner energy programs, more companies are working towards transitioning from fossil fuels to cleaner energy resources. Exciting investments in projects, applications, and opportunities are becoming more widespread as a … Read more

Pros and Cons of Solar Energy: A Guide to Going Green

photovoltaic solar panels

When you think of renewable energy sources, what comes to mind first? Like most people, you probably think of solar panels, wind turbines, and maybe even nuclear power plants. These are great examples of renewable energy sources that don’t pollute the environment or create greenhouse gases during production. It’s easy to see why solar energy … Read more

How Do Solar Powered Generators Work?

man with a jackery power station

In today’s world, with modern technology and development, almost everything needs electrical power, from lights in homes to cellphone batteries. If you’re in a power outage or in an area without an electrical outlet or a grid, you’re definitely out of luck.  Portable generators were made to handle situations like this. But what about when … Read more

How to Build Your Own Solar Panel + Tips To Avoid Failure And Hazards

solar panel installer

If you’re interested in solar power, you might be wondering if you can build your own solar panel from scratch. The short answer is yes, you can!  However, it’s important to have the right information and experience before you start, as well as a clear understanding of the process. In this article, we will tackle a … Read more

Which Substance Is The Best Transmitter Of Solar Energy?

solar lights

Due to the increased use of solar energy, solar panel manufacturers have come up with better photovoltaic panels. These new innovations are either introducing new products into the market or making the existing products better for increased efficiency. Of course, the most improved panels will be offered at a relatively higher cost but it will … Read more

Best Solar Design Software

soalr panels mounted on the ground

Solar installers want easy accessibility and robust features in their solar design software. The easier they can provide sales proposals and financial analysis for their customers, the better. The best solar software has to be able to streamline the solar experience. This includes making design easier, providing a hassle-free sales process, and speeding up installation … Read more