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Survive the Unthinkable: Can a Solar Generator Stand Up to an EMP Blast?

EMPs, or electromagnetic pulses, occur during things like nuclear strikes or even lightning storms. They can also come with strong solar flares and are known to damage devices. Some common devices include things like GPS, power grids, solar systems, radios, and more.

But what about solar generators? Will they survive an EMP and are there ways to protect them from EMPs if they occur? Keep reading!

Are Solar Generators Emp-Proof?

Solar generators are somewhat naturally resistant to EMPs, especially compared to gas generators. This is because they do not operate in the solid-state electronic controls of devices that are easily affected by EMPs.

Additionally, for the most part, solar panels and their electronics aren’t affected as often.

Though they aren’t as likely to be damaged by EMPs, that doesn’t mean they are completely resistant either. While they will still function, often their efficiency and overall function do go down some.

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Some EMPs can take a whole grid down, so having a solar generator that will still function is good, but additional protections can be better. Additionally, solar panels rarely are affected by EMPs as they don’t have any electricity going through them unless they are plugged into something.

This means that portable generators are the safest, as you aren’t running the solar panels 24/7. It can still damage the generator, and the wiring, but at least the solar panels have a chance to survive, which reduces any replacement costs you have to make in the future.

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The most damage occurs when the solar generator is hooked up to AC power to charge or is charging other devices.

Are There Specific Ones Designed To Be Emp-Proof?

Solar generators for the most part are actually designed to handle a certain level of EMPs just innately. However, if you want a system that is designed with resistance to EMPs in mind, you have minimal options.

All solar generators are naturally able to handle EMPs better than gas generators, but it never hurts to add a couple of things to make your solar generator more protected.

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Can You Emp-Proof Your Own Solar Generator?

It can be pretty easy to EMP-Proof your solar generator without costing you a ton of money. There are specific bags and shields that are designed to protect against EMPs and just go over the outside of your device.

They are set up to be different sizes, so you can buy bags that fit your solar generator better. Many of these cases are reliable if you do your research, and are even approved to military standards.

There are some crazy methods you can do, such as wrapping everything in tin foil or building things like Faraday cages, but these bags work just as well if not better, and are tried and tested for this specific use.

These bags aren’t expensive, usually costing under $100 with plenty of sales that occur to allow you to get them at a discount.

You can look online at the specs for each type of bag, including how much they shield from EMPs, their surface resistivity, dimensions, thickness, tear strength, and more.