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Best Solar Flagpole Lights

Knowing what the best solar flagpole lights are is a good thing to know even if you don’t yet have your flag up. If you are looking for a reasonably priced option that does everything you need it to do then you should consider going with Sunnytech’s 2nd Generation Solar Flagpole 20 LED Light.

This is my top recommendation because it is easy to install and lightweight while still being durable and long-lasting so that you shouldn’t have to even think about it other than to enjoy it lighting up your flag.

The Sunnytech’s 2nd Generation Solar Flagpole 20 LED Light can take as little as 5 minutes to install once you have it out of the box and at the pole thanks to its really simple and comprehensive design and the fact that there are very few pieces to it.

Once there it works well enough to light up your flag all night most of the time, even after a cloudy day when the six small solar panels that are on top have not gotten much sunlight.

The PolePalUSA Double Row Solar Flagpole Top Lights made my list since this one has two rows of lights that can light up the flag all night long. This means that whether blowing out to the side in the wind or lying flat against the pole your flag is in the light.

This bonus feature does come with a price tag on it, being the most expensive option on my list, but if you are willing to pay the price then it can be well worth it to really bring out your flag.

The PISSION American Flag Pole Light has made my list since it has a few extras to it and yet it still manages to be the cheapest one here. It has some additional lights besides the twenty that form the circle around the flag and, while these added lights don’t form a full second circle, they do ensure that your flag is well lit.

The second thing about this one that is unique is the optional attachment which allows this flag pole light to be used for other things besides lighting up your flag.

The DBF Solar Lights Outdoor is the last thing on my list, but it certainly deserves to be here thanks to its versatility. As a spotlight that has two different light settings you can use, it also gives you the handy option of either sticking it in the ground or mounting it on the side of a wall.

This is great if your flagpole is near a building and can save you the trouble of getting to the top of your flagpole to check on it if it is acting up.

Why Should You Consider Getting A Solar Flagpole Light

Firstly of all, seeing a flag lit up at night looks patriotic and is more eye-catching that than even a flag flying in the day time. This eye-catching ability can also affect businesses by first catching people’s attention it thereby attracting more customers who might otherwise have not even noticed that the business was there (Source).

Firstly, one good reason why you should get solar lights for flagpoles is the fact that having good lighting is an actual necessity if you want to keep your flag up all night. There are codes and regulations that must be followed when displaying a flag and it is literally against the law to let your flag stay up all night without lighting (Source).

While the “ceremony” for raising and lowering a flag is simple, I think that having to do it every day can get a little tedious, making getting solar flagpole lighting a good option. However, in order to take advantage of this, you have to have a special all-weather flag. Most nylon flags work fine but screen-printed flags fade and fray rather quickly if left up for long periods of time, so try to find out what kind of flag you have.

What Kind Of Light And Why Solar

Flagpole lights that use LED bulbs are by far easier to find and tend to be more popular, because of this you will find them easier to get. While that might be reason enough to go with LED lights, there are plenty of other reasons among which are the facts that LED lights last much longer and are much more efficient.

An LED flagpole light also takes far less electricity, saving you money on you bill, but paired with a solar set-up it doesn’t cost you any electricity. Installing wired lights in city limits can often require permits, not to mention equipment and having to hire a licensed electrician. Solar lights are rarely affected by the same rules and can be installed sometimes without needing any tools at all (Source).

Flagpole Lighting Options

There are a few different options you can go with for your solar powered pole light. A solar spotlight or a floodlight can be used to shine up at your flag from the ground, but to use this method it requires at least two or three spotlights depending on the height of your pole and the size of your flag (Source).

While spotlights do show off any shrubs you might have growing near your pole, this option works best if there are no trees or anything growing near the flagpole and plenty of space around the base to not only put the lights, but their solar panels as well. These also require extra time during lawn maintenance to mow around them and to deal with any weeds that grow near them.

A solar top light goes on top of the flag pole right under the flag pole topper and shines down onto your flag. This can be convenient when it comes time to mow since there is nothing on the ground that needs to be moved aside. While the light does not reach all the way to the ground in most cases, it is very good at showcasing your flag.

Another option is one that attaches onto you pole and shines up onto your flag like a spotlight. While this has some of the advantages of a solar top light, if you put it too low there is the risk of hitting it in passing. And there is also still the fact that snow can fall on the light and cover it or rain can make it dimmer.

Troubleshooting Solar Lights

Of course solar lights have problems sometimes, but there are a few common ones that are easy to solve. Coming on but then going off sooner than usual, especially if this seems to happen more and more, is usually either due to the batteries aging or the solar panel not absorbing enough light to charge the batteries.

Giving your solar panel a good cleaning will help it to absorb more sunlight, and replacing the old batteries with new ones should make your solar powered flagpole light as good as new. Replacing the battery is also a good thing to try if your light is not coming on at all. If that does not fix the problem then it might be fuse-related (Source).

Best Solar Flagpole Light Reviews

Made of Eco-friendly and flame retardant plastic, this option has 20 LED lights and weighs just over one pound. It fits most 15’-25’ flagpoles that have a ½” rod at the top and has six small solar panels in a circle that absorb the sunlight during the day.

Sunnytech 2nd Generation Solar Flag Pole 20led Light, Brightest, Most Powerful and Stable, Longest Lasting & Most Flag Coverage, LED Downlight for Most 15 to 25 Ft In-Ground Flag Pole, Automatic,Black

It automatically goes on when the sun goes down and off at dawn, often lasting the whole time in between even when cloudy and rainy weather prevents it from getting a full day of sun. These solar pole lights have been known to last three years or more.

  • It is easy to install, needing no extra tools besides the ones you might need to get to the top of your pole, and can be added in as short a time as 5 minutes.
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    The three batteries are visible and easy to get to on the underneath which is very helpful for when they need to be replaced.
  • You might need to buy a new flagpole ornament if the shaft is too short to pass through the hole, and it does not include one with the flag pole light kits.
  • The lack of wide range means that the light won’t reach the end of the flag when the wind is blowing.

This option for lighting up your flag has a total of 32 LED lights set in two separate rows , some pointing almost straight down and some at a 45 degree angle in order to shed light on your flag even as is blows in the breeze.

PolePalUSA Double Row Solar Flagpole Top Light

The most expensive option on my list today, it works on telescoping poles of almost any size, even up to 45’ and continues working well even in windy conditions.

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    It lights up the whole flag much better than many other kinds of solar pole lights thank to the 45 degree angles it shines at and is bright enough after sunny days to read with, even if it is 30’ in the air.
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    The batteries are designed to last for 5-10 years and the rest of it is built to be durable enough to withstand 80 mph winds, heavy rains, and snow, making this a good option if you live in an area prone to high winds.
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    It can be used on flagpoles that have two flags on them and still light up both of them effectively.
  • The batteries are not visible and are slightly hard to get to when they need to be replaced.
  • ban
    It is very expensive to buy.

Pission’s option for lighting a flag is the cheapest one on my list and has a circle of 20 lights with three groups of two smaller lights inside that. Designed to give about 10 hours of light as long as it has at least 8 hours of sun, it may not last until morning but will last most of the night.

PISSION Flag Pole Lights Solar Powered, American Flag Pole Light Weatherproof Auto ON/Off Night Light Downlight for 15 to 25ft Flag Pole

It weighs just less than a pound and comes with an attachment that enables you to use this light for other things besides putting it on the top of your flag pole. This can be a good thing to have available should you decide for whatever reason that you don’t want it above your flag anymore, since it wouldn’t be a complete waste.

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    It is easy to install with the batteries being visible on the underneath for ease of access.
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    The attachment makes it possible to use this solar light on camping trips, clipping it to a rope or something at night so that is shines light in your tent or over your picnic table, giving you hours longer of camping fun.
  • It is not as durable and doesn’t last as long, sometimes having problems within a few months.
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    It is not as weather-proof, meaning that bad storms stand a chance of getting water inside it and damaging it.

My last option is a solar flag spotlight that shines up at your flag from the ground. It comes most often in a pack of two, which is good because you need at least two spotlights for your flag. The battery lifespan is around 2 years and it shines better on shorter poles that the light can reach easier.

DBF Solar Lights Outdoor, Upgraded 18 LED Waterproof Solar Spotlights Solar Landscape Lights Adjustable Auto On/Off Wall Security Lighting for Garden Yard Pathway Driveway Pool, Pack of 2 (Cool White)

Two brightness modes and the fact that these can be wall mounted, gives you options, especially if your flag is near a building or wall. It can be angled upward at almost any angle to highlight your flag and can highlight your landscaping too.

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    The solar panel is attached to the spotlight, meaning that there are no cords or anything to worry about.
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    It can move 120 degrees so you can point it wherever you want, and if you later decide to get rid of your flag you can use it to highlight your landscaping.
  • You will have to watch where you mow if you put it on the ground, and you will also have to make sure that it is not shaded by trees or anything that will prevent it from getting enough sunlight.
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    If attaching it to the side of a building the adhesive can damage the paint if you try to remove it.


While each of the in ground flagpole lighting options that I told you about are amazing options, my favorite was the Sunnytech 2nd Generation Solar Flagpole 20 LED Light. Its solar powered LED lights can shine all night long without any problems, and yet at the same time it is quite reasonably priced.

The fact that it is a top light and therefore never in the way, is a huge plus in my opinion, especially since I for one sometimes forget to move things on the ground before mowing and can damage them. And with the fact that the batteries are one of the main reasons why a solar light eventually wears out, having these batteries so handy is definitely a feature I like about it.