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How Much Do Solar Pool Covers Weigh: A Concise Guide

A solar cover is a cost-effective way to maintain a swimming pool’s warmth. During the day, solar covers trap heat from the sun and transfer it to the water of the pool. In addition, at night, the blanket insulates the water from the chilly air, lowering heat loss.

The light weight of solar blankets makes them very user-friendly for all people who need a reliable way to keep their swimming pools safe.

Nowadays, plenty of people are installing solar covers on their swimming pools to save money and energy. So, how much do solar pool covers weigh?

How Much Do Solar Covers Weigh?

Most solar blankets weigh in at 360 to 570 grams for every square meter, or 12.7 to 20 ounces for every 10 square feet.

Therefore, a pool cover for a 600 square foot pool should weigh 47.6 pounds (762 ounces / 21.6 kilograms) at a minimum and 75 pounds (1,200 ounces / 34 kilograms) at a maximum. You can, of course, find covers that will fit pools that are smaller or larger than 600 square feet.

If possible, it’s best to go for a custom fit solar cover. This way you can be guaranteed that it will fit your pool perfectly. They come in a variety of sizes, so make sure you measure your pool before purchasing one.

How To Weigh Down Solar Pool Covers

Irrespective of the weight of the solar pool cover, several pool owners often have a common complaint about how their pool covers keep getting blown away by high winds. This can often lead to heat loss of your pool water – or loss of the cover altogether.

To solve this problem, always make sure that the cable and winch connected to the pool cover are secure and taut. An unsecured winch and cable can get released, and this would mean that the cover may be easily blown off by wind.

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If you need additional pool protection, attach pool clips along the railing of the pool. You may also choose to go for the option of placing sandbags across the edges of the pool cover. If they are heavy enough, then the pool cover cannot get blown off by heavy winds.

The obvious drawback to this is that they may appear unsightly, so you may want to consider this as an option to use only when weather reports warn of windiness.

If you own an inground pool, then your best option is to fill the pool cover with gallons of water sufficient to keep the pool cover in place.

Bottom Line

Solar covers are a great way to keep your swimming pool warm and clean.

How much solar pool covers weigh depends on a variety of factors, but the appropriate weight of your pool cover should ultimately be determined by your pool’s needs. So, the best option is to go with a custom-fit solar pool cover that fits your pool perfectly!

If you have a solar pool cover that keeps getting blown away by high winds, then you can use any of the solutions mentioned above to weigh them down. You can also consider using one of the best solar pool rings instead, they usually come with a magnet that holds them in place.