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Many homeowners have posted, whether made from wood or synthetic materials, are part of their landscaping. When the sun goes down, solar post lights provide a nice visual element. These make homes appear brighter and more welcoming. 

Plus, the solar panels included with these light fixtures will make your landscape lighting more energy efficient. The best solar post cap lights combine an attractive design with top-notch functionality. Read about our top choices in this product category below.

Top Recommendation

Sold in a pack of eight, these aluminum solar post cap lights can be installed onto wood or PVC posts. These lights have dimensions of 6.1” by 6.1” by 4.4” and feature four crystalline solar panels. 

The solar panels charge up the included 1.2V AA 800mhAh Ni-MH battery. The charged battery then power the LED lights. It gives off a white light measuring 10 Lumens in brightness. 

Additionally, these post cap lights have an aluminum frame with a matte finish for an attractive design. The paneling is made from heavy faceted glass for durability.

GreenLighting 2 Pack Tokyo #6 Aluminum Solar Post Cap Light - LED Light for 4 x 4 Wood or 6 x 6 PVC Posts (Black)


Upgrade Option

These solar cap lights feature a unique copper-colored exterior with a weather-resistant frame. The four crystalline solar panels work to charge two included Ni-CD batteries, which in turn light up the LED bulbs at a brightness of 2.4 Lumens. 

These post caps are designed for use with nominal 4” by 4” inch wooden posts. The fixture itself measures 6” by 6” by 5.1”, and two caps are included in this package. The dimensions of the base of this light measure 3.63″ by 3.63″.

GreenLighting 2 Pack Pinnacle High End Solar LED Post Cap Light for 4 x 4 Wood Posts (Copper)

Value Option

This 12-pack of white LED post caps feature automatic on/off sensors. Each light fits onto a 5” by 5” post and has an updated solar panel at the top of the light. 

These lights are weatherproof and are protected against damage from the elements. They use white LED lights that can last for as many as 100,000 hours before needing replacement. 

Plus, high-grade plastic was used to construct these post caps. The rechargeable AA battery used to operate these lights is included and pre-installed.


iGlow 12 Pack White Outdoor Garden 5 x 5 Solar LED Post Deck Cap Square Fence Light Landscape Lamp Lawn PVC Vinyl Wood


How to Choose the Best Solar Post Cap Lighting

The best solar lamp post lights will be an asset to the overall look of your home. Great-quality products are durable and function efficiently with an aesthetically-pleasing design. Here, you’ll find the specifics on what goes into leading solar LED post lights.


As with any electrical device installed outdoors, resistance to rain and snow are a must for solar post caps. Without some degree of water resistance, outdoor lighting may quickly be damaged when exposed to the elements.

The IP rating system, or “Ingress Protection” rating, is a standardized method for the degree of protection against liquids, dust, etc. that a device includes. An example of an IP rating is IP23. The first number, in this case 2, corresponds to the solid protection rating. The second number, in this case 3, refers to the liquid protection rating.

When determining how waterproof solar power lamp post lighting is, look at the second number in the IP rating. A number 4 means that the product is safe from water spray coming from all directions. A number 6 means that the product is safe from high-pressure jets coming from all directions. A number 8 is the highest liquid IP rating and means that the product is safe from immersion in water (to a level expressed by the product maker) (Source).


Post caps need to be the correct size to fit the measurements of the poles that you’re looking to install them onto. Otherwise, the lights won’t fit and you won’t be able to install them.

The typical range of post size that solar pole lights fit onto is 3” by 3” to 6” by 6”. 4” by 4” are standard dimensions for wooden posts on porches and patios, so many post lights accommodate this size.

Number of Lights in Pack

Depending on the number of posts that you have in your yard, the number of post cap lights sold in a pack in a crucial detail to consider. Purchasing outdoor lights in bulk, with more units in a single pack, may be an affordable alternative to buying lights individually. Buying a multi-pack of lights will also ensure that all of the lights are the same and will match perfectly for a cohesive look.

Post Compatibility

Post cap lights vary in the type of poles that they may be installed onto. This is a critical factor to consider because if you buy a light fixture not designed for the type of pole in your yard, you may not be able to install it properly (if at all).

There are three main materials used to construct patio, porch, and landscaping poles: wood, vinyl, and PCV. Many post cap lights are designed to be installed onto wood posts because this is the most common type of pole found on residential properties.

If your home features PVC or vinyl posts, there’s no need to worry. There are still plenty of post cap light options available to you. Just be sure to take exact measurements of the poles on your property. Then compare them to the dimensions of the solar post caps that you’re considering.


As with any component of your outdoor decor, you may want to ensure that your post cap lights appear cohesive. Many homeowners may consider matching the color of their posts to the color of their post cap lights so that the two coordinate. So, if you have wooden posts, consider light fixtures in black or brown colors. For vinyl and PVC posts, white and light-colored caps may be a more fitting option.

Homeowners with white picket fences may be concerned about matching shades of white when purchasing post caps. In this situation, the distinction between ivory and “bright white” can become crucial.

Post cap lights may have glass panes surrounding the bulb. This detail not only adds a touch of elegance to the overall design but also may reduce the harshness of the light emitted by an LED bulb.

Run Time From Charge

Solar lights from different manufacturers may vary in the number of hours from a single day of charge. The amount of light that a solar fixture can provide largely. Depends on the amount of sunlight an area receives over the course of a day. The quality of the light can make a difference, too.

Solar post lights are almost always “self-contained.” It means that the solar panels are located directly on the fixture itself. So, the panel will draw energy from the sun wherever the post cap is installed. The light manufacturers almost always advertise the number of hours of light you can expect from a single day’s charge. During the winter, you may expect the light to operate at 30% to 50% of its full capacity, due to the lessened amount of sunlight (Source).

Best Decorative Solar Lights Reviews

Quick Take: OUR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR Decorative Solar Lights
GreenLighting 2 Pack Tokyo #6 Aluminum Solar Post Cap Light - LED Light for 4 x 4 Wood or 6 x 6 PVC Posts (Black)


GreenLighting Black Aluminum Solar Post Cap Light

Sides are made of glass to project bulb brightness.

GreenLighting 2 Pack Pinnacle High End Solar LED Post Cap Light for 4 x 4 Wood Posts (Copper)


Foxlux Solar String Lights

Switch on the solar panel allows you to use the lights only when needed.

iGlow 12 Pack White Outdoor Garden 5 x 5 Solar LED Post Deck Cap Square Fence Light Landscape Lamp Lawn PVC Vinyl Wood
Tonulax Solar Lights

The fabric flowers are decorative during the day and at night.

  • Installs easily with included screws
  • Sides are made of glass to project bulb brightness
  • Can cast light downward
  • Can’t be used with plastic or vinyl posts
  • Fit is not as tight as possible
  • Screws are lightweight and flimsy
GreenLighting 2 Pack Pinnacle High End Solar LED Post Cap Light for 4 x 4 Wood Posts (Copper)With ideal conditions, these solar post cap lights can stay illuminated for the entire night. That means that they’ll function best in locations that get six to eight hours of sunlight during the day. When lit, these fixture cast a soft light. It’s just enough to accent your landscaping without being harsh or hard on the eyes.One of the most unique aspects of these outdoor light fixtures is their copper coloring. In contrast to the typical black or white frames, this copper-toned frame may add a high-end touch to your porch, patio, or yard.This product isn’t compatible with plastic, vinyl, or PVC posts, which may limit homeowners looking to purchase them. Also, the plastic base may not be as durable as metals or other types of materials. As a result, in the case of one of these lights falling on the ground, damage might occur.This solar post light kit comes with two fixtures. Other available post cap options come with a higher number of fixtures. So, homeowners may have to buy multiple packs to fulfill their needs.
  • Soft, not harsh, lighting
  • Easy installation that you can do yourself
  • Can stay lit all night long with sufficient sunlight
  • Copper color has an upscale look
  • Can’t be used with plastic, vinyl, or PVC posts
  • The plastic base isn’t as durable as other materials
  • Pack only contains two lights
iGlow 12 Pack White Outdoor Garden 5 x 5 Solar LED Post Deck Cap Square Fence Light Landscape Lamp Lawn PVC Vinyl WoodSimple but affordable, the iGlow Solar Post Cap Light 12-Pack might be a great option for budget-conscious shoppers. This product is sold in a 12-pack, which helps you save money on each individual light. Also, these solar lights may be a great choice for homeowners with a white fence. The pure white frame may perfectly match the white posts; a stellar feature in this product category.All types of homeowners may enjoy these solar outdoor lights because they can be installed on posts made of wood, vinyl, or PVC. This can give users flexibility when it comes to installation. That being said, the structure only fits on posts with dimensions of 5” by 5”.For decorative purposes, this product may not be the best choice. The design is quite simple and plain, with few stylistic details. The white color, while potentially ideal for white fencing, may become visibly dirty faster than a black or dark-colored post cap. It’s also constructed from plastic, which might not be the most durable option that you can find on the market.
  • Match white fence posts
  • Comes in economic 12-pack
  • Can be used on wood, vinyl, or PCV posts
  • Only fit posts measuring 5” by 5”
  • Made of plastic
  • Plain in design


Solar post cap lights are a useful product. After considering the top product options in this category, we’ve determined the GreenLighting Black Aluminum Solar Post Cap Light to be the best bet for most consumers. The sleek design, coupled with an affordable price and effective solar system, make these post caps a reliable option.

The LED bulb emits a natural-looking white light at 10 Lumens that may serve the needs of many different types of homeowners, and the aluminum frame may prove more durable than plastic. Additionally, everything you need to set these lights up is included, simplifying the chore of installation. All in all, we’ve chosen this solar-powered lamp post product as our winner because it may have the most fitting combination of features to suit many homeowners.