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How To Choose The Best Solar Powered Grow Lights

garden with solar powered grow lights

How To Choose the Best Solar Power Grow Lights Highest Lumen Spotlight Buyer’s Guide Around 80% of Americans live in urban areas. As more people collect in large cities looking for work, we must develop creative solutions for growing food and commodity crops within those cities and surrounding areas. Vertical farming and container farms are … Read more

Solar Cover Bubbles Up Or Down?

pool with solar pool cover

Pool covers have two distinct textures, a bubbled-side and a smoother-side. Some people accidentally put the wrong side down and don’t heat their pool properly! Installation for a pool cover is basically just “what side goes up?” Let’s get that one part right! Pool Cover Bubbles Up or Down? You should put the bubbles down. … Read more

Best RV Fridge For Solar Power


RVs are massively popular amongst families for road trips all across America. With its comfortable size, an RV is a much more convenient option to travel in than any other car or vehicle. It has the capacity to have adequate sleeping beds, a common space, and even a functional kitchen. Essentially, your RV becomes your … Read more

Choosing The Best 250 Watt Solar Panel

Solar panels have become overnight fame since they tend to be one of the most reliable instant power sources out there. They are convenient and the inculcation of modern innovations with time has made them irreplaceable work essential. For example, they have become more light-weight and thus portable, so no matter where you are, you … Read more

Best Solar Powered Wrist Watches

male hand with a watch

Are you interested in purchasing a new wrist watch? Timekeeping enthusiasts in this modern era have more choices to pick from than ever before. Watches today don’t just tell you the time, they often include additional features such as built-in chronographs, calendars, and time zone trackers. Of the numerous watch types out there, the ones … Read more

Best Solar-Powered Tactical Watches

military man

Tactical watches, sometimes referred to as “military” or “survival” watches are special watches with several features to help you in off-grid ad survival adventures. Looking for the perfect tactical watch that meets all your needs can be challenging. First, you need to figure out the purpose of buying the watch, how frequently you’ll be using … Read more

Choosing the Best Pure Sine Wave Inverter

sine wave inverter

Our life revolves around electronic appliances, that have utterly revolutionized our lifestyle and working pace. To take care of the longevity of these essentials, an inverter has become the need of the hour. Inverters are a convenient way to convert the DC into AC one without compromising on the steady power transfer. You might have … Read more

Litom Motion Sensor Lights

solar motion light

Don’t you just hate it when you want to leave a particular light on but don’t want to waste electricity either? Trust me. I totally get it. That’s why what I’m about to tell you will blow you away. It’s the solution to all your problems. Top Picks Litom Motion Sensor Lights Solar Motion Sensor … Read more

What Part of the United States is Best for Capturing Solar Energy?

soalr panels mounted on the ground

Thinking about going solar? That’s great, for you and for your energy bill! But what you might not realize is that your geographical location can actually affect the performance of your solar panels. Certain places in the United States capture more solar energy than others. Curious to learn more? This post will tell you everything … Read more

What Are The Best Appliances For Solar Power?


Its no longer a secret that solar power is quickly becoming the preferred method of harvesting and storing electricity. Businesses and residence everywhere are doing their part to promote a cleaner and more affordable source of energy by powering their homes and appliances with solar. To maximize the return on your investment, you need to … Read more

The Best Solar Pool Heaters

aerial view of house with a pool

Heated swimming pools during colder weather becomes a necessity if you are a pool owner. You may want your pool to be serviceable and in good shape even in the colder months. If the cold weather persists for about seven months, what is the point of getting a swimming pool only functional for four months … Read more

Solar Pest Repeller

Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Owl Shape

Solar pest repellers are great for chasing away gophers, moles, or other small animals away from your garden. When you know what damage do moles do to your garden, there’s no question why they are becoming more and more popular in the United States. So why not consider adding one to your yard? They are … Read more

Solar Panel Kits For Sheds

Solar energy is changing the market for the better. A solar panel kit allows you to assemble your own system. They amazing at providing a power source and installation is meant to be easy. Plus, without having a team handle the installation and putting the solar system up yourself, you will be saving money. There … Read more

Solar Driveway Lights

It happened to most of us. Trying to back into your driveway in the dark, being off by a few inches, taking out your garden, ripping up your grass, maybe even knocking down your mailbox. Sure, there are street lights or a lamp post around, but others don’t light up your driveway enough to be confident … Read more

Preventive Maintenance of Solar Air Conditioners – Why Is It Important?

women fixing the air conditioner

Air conditioning is essential for a safe and comfortable home in certain climates. As a homeowner, you want to improve your living space and make it more welcoming and this is what a good air conditioner helps achieve. Besides regulating the indoor temperature, the AC unit helps maintain low humidity levels, prevent mold growth and … Read more

Master Flow Solar Attic Fan Review

solar attic fan

The Master Flow solar attic fan is one of many in a line of GAF’s innovative Master Flow ventilation products. Making conventional manual attic fans obsolete, GAF introduced the Master Flow ventilation line, featuring solar and dual powered attic fans, including a 500 CFM solar fan that reduces energy and technicians’ cost in one fell … Read more

How To Install A Solar Pool Cover?

solar pool cover

Solar pool covers are a great investment that yields excellent results. To get the most use out of the cover and your pool, it’s important that you take the time to properly install your new solar cover. Thankfully, it’s not as difficult as you might think (though not as easy as solar pool ring installation). To ensure … Read more

How To Get Solar Incentives And Rebates?

Historic house with modern solar panels on roof

When it comes to incentives, it is important to consult a professional. You might ask, do I need a permit to install solar panels to get incentives? We recommend speaking with both your installer and personal accountant prior to making any decisions on purchasing and having a solar array installed in your home. Solar incentives … Read more

How To Clean Solar Pool Cover?

clear solar pool cover

Cleaning a solar pool cover isn’t difficult as long as it’s properly stored and the chlorine level is in check. You’ll need rubber gloves, knee pads, pool solution, and a rag.  Dilute the pool solution with water and keep a high-pressure spray ready. Apply a few rounds of sprinkling pool solution on the solar cover’s … Read more

How To Choose The Best Solar Tea Lights?

romanti setting with a solar tea lights

Solar tea lights provide your home the comfort and aura of a candle without the safety concerns that come along with the traditional flame counterparts. With LED tea lights, you no longer have to worry about spilling hot wax on a table. No more worries about a candle getting tipped and injuring your child or … Read more

How To Choose The Best Solar Spotlights?

Yunlights Crackle Glass Moon Garden Solar Lights

If you’re looking to add some extra light to your outdoor living space without worrying about power bills, solar spotlights are a great option. They also provide great illumination for accentuating certain features in your house, patio, porch, yard, or gardens, like sculptures, plants, if there’s a tree, fountains, pool, lawn, walkway, driveway, pathway, garage, … Read more

How To Choose The Best Solar Powered Dock Lights?

A great set of solar dock lights provide ambiance and safety lighting for your dock. It doesn’t have wires, electricity, or clunky batteries. The ideal low voltage dock lights will be solar-powered. It is waterproof to withstand the elements. As well as bright enough to light up your dock for night time security and visibility. … Read more

How to Choose the Best Solar Motion Security Light?

lumen solar flood light

Solar security light is an increasingly common fixture in the landscaping industry. Because of the concern for the environment together with rising awareness of the cost-efficiency of solar lighting, consumers are seeking out alternatives to lighting. Below, we’ve rounded up our top options for solar security lights, along with information to help you make an informed … Read more

How to Choose the Best Solar Lamp Post Cap Lights

solar light

Many homeowners have posted, whether made from wood or synthetic materials, are part of their landscaping. When the sun goes down, solar post lights provide a nice visual element. These make homes appear brighter and more welcoming. Plus, the solar panels included with these light fixtures will make your landscape lighting more energy efficient. The … Read more